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From now on your Combine will be able to challenge other Combines in order to compete, prove your superiority and earn new Combine Achievements!

Challenge condition can be activated from the "Diplomatic Status" window in the "Combines" section at the Joint Ops Center. Once a Challenge is accepted by another Combine, the countdown timer starts, and the Challenge points are being calculated. So, Challenge Condition is all about getting down and dirty fighting each other “mano e mano” and seeing who is worthy of being called “War Lord of Zandia!”

Heads up! Only the Combine CEO, or the ones entrusted with Diplomatic privileges, can challenge other Combines. Only one Challenge at a time is allowed.

You will see a "SITREP" button next to a Combine that is either involved in the Challenge condition or in a State of War with you in your "Diplomacy" tab of "My Combine" section at the Joint Ops Center. Press it to view the detailed statistics and decide whether you need to rejoice, or to cry in despair. There will be a timer at the top of the screen indicating the time left until the Challenge condition is over, or, if you are currently at War, indicating how much time you have been at War with that Combine for. You can view the detailed statistics on all Combine Wars and Challenges in the "Combine SITREP" tab of the "Combines" section at Joint Ops Center.

Warfare in Zandia has been officially taken to the new level!

Carry on!

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