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This page is no longer updated or maintained.  The page have been moved [[Black_Market%3ASI|here]] as of 2/24/2014
=== Black Market ===
=== Black Market ===

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This page is no longer updated or maintained. The page have been moved here as of 2/24/2014

Black Market

Black Market

The Black Market is your one stop shopping place for premium content. Inside this massive VTOL aircraft you will find 5 tabs with which to employ your hard earned diamond currency.


The unit tab allow you to place special orders for instantly available offensive and defensive troops. You may also buy active defensive buildings (turrets and artillery pieces). While the direct purchase of standard equipment will certainly give the enterprising commander an edge in combat, it's the special strategic units that really shine in this category. The special units receive significant bonuses when accompanying similar troop types to battle.

Currently there are 7 available strategic units :

Offense :

  • Infantry, Offensive – “Ghost Corps” (Ramstein Secure Logistics, GmbH)
  • Heavy Infantry, Offensive – A13 “Reilly” IFV (Excellia, Creighton Motors)
  • Armor, Offensive - V195 "Samson" MBT, (Jericho, Ares Corporation)
  • Combat Aviation, – F-32 “Excalibur” Deep Strike Fighter (Excellia Battlefield Systems)

Defense :

  • Infantry, Defensive – “Terminator” (Ares Corporation)
  • Heavy Infantry, Defensive – HISG “Cardinal” Field Gun (PAG)
  • Armor, Defensive - TASV "Typhoon" (Ares Corporation)
  • Combat Aviation, – RSL-150 “Harpy” (Ramstein Secure Logistics, GmbH)3

Recon :

  • Intelligence – QR-14 “Big Brother” UAV (Excellia Battlefield Systems)

/*Note that daily purchases in each tab are limited and the current available amount is listed in the top right corner of the tab.


Running a little short on resources? This is the tab for you. You can make instant deposits to your resource reserves from this page. You may purchase Munitions, Fuel, or Rations in 5k and 10k amounts. Alternatively you may purchase a 25% production boost for one of the resource types that will last 3 days.


Are you just starting out and in need of a boost to your base's development? On this tab you may make limited purchase of lower tiered referrals. You can only purchase one a day and higher level referrals are not available so making use of this tab early on is critical.

Available Referrals

  • UAV Intelligence Support
  • Light Sniper
  • Recon Operations
  • Logistics Support
  • Maintenance
  • Combat Support
  • Perimeter Security Level 2
  • Assault Infantry
  • Indirect Fire Support
  • Perimeter Security Level 3

Base Layouts

What a different look for your base on the map? This tab is where you may purchase skins for your base. Once purchased they must be activated on this tab. You can purchase more than one but be advised they do come with a price tag. However, you more than get your diamonds worth as the base layouts include significant defense bonuses

Current Layouts

  • Green Zone, +1000 Defense, 1500 Diamonds
  • Lockdown, +1000 Defense, 1500 Diamonds

Field Hospital

The final tab is the ever important field hospital where your wound troops are sent after battle. At the conclusion of battle a certain portion of your casualties will end up in this building and will be available for reentry into service at a 50% discounted rate compared to what you would pay on the units tab. This is a very cost effective way of keeping your army in tip top shape while still going toe-to-toe with the enemy.