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It’s when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…
Stephen King


1. Write a short scary story about an Arbalester on a horrifying Halloween night!

2. 1000 characters or less

3. Must be SCARY!

4. Must be EXTRA SCARY – enough to scare Balur half to death!


Story 1: Arbalester's Ode

Author: Scolam, Blood Dragon Rider

Steel bow wire-wound gut arbalest

Set the quarrel then trigger and hope for the best.

Magically-tempered masterwork of yew;

bulwark of trust ‘gainst the magical few.


Late on the hallows though no hallowed ground

Dark shapes and freezing shadows abound.

Close with my comrades frosty breathed line;

creeping ground close stumbling half-blind.

Swinging my arblest quick left then sharp right

peering at creaks chains rattle take fright!

Thumb on the bolt precious cargo of death.

Bishop blessed charmed flight then embed in a breath.

Grip sweat-stained brown stock swallow horror clench teeth.

Ears straining step forward mud slips underneath.

Then BANG FLASH THUMP SKREETCH. It’s on us our fear!

A dragon! A DRAGON! Our fate is now clear!

No arbalest quarrels will save us this night.

Invulnerable scales caustic breath and a BITE!

Its eye has us snake fixed. Our arms slow like lead.

Futile effort to raise and take aim when we’re dead.

Only one chance, it’s the eye wins the gold.

Only one shot then it’s over. Truth told.

Head rearing back drawing breath to devour

We must stand fast, aim and loose arrows, not cower.

Steady now steady. Counter the wind.

Fix the eye squeeze the trigger.

Story 2

Author: Titan's Bastard

Long ago, in a forgotten land, there was a group of dwarfs, they were adventures, hero's, they roamed the land fighting evil and protecting the innocent, but they made many enemies, and one night they vanished. this is their story......

The five dwarf's sat around a table large brightly lighted tavern, they laughed and told jokes as they ate. Suddenly A gust of freezing wind swirled through the tavern, all the candles were extinguished leaving the dwarfs in complete darkness, Then the cry of a terrified horse cut through the silence, The Dwarfs jumped up and grabbed their weapon's, as they charged out the door to investigate the noise the Dwarf in the rear his name was "Arbalester" tripped over a fallen chair, his head smashed into the bar, and he fell to the floor dazed, a few minutes later he came too, he got to his feet picked up his Arbalest, Suddenly he heard one of his friends scream! he rushed out the door and into the street, the scream came from the stable up the road, he ran as fast as he could to the stable door, the screaming suddenly stopped. Arbalester burst into the stable only to find complete darkness. he crouched down and moved farther into the stable. feeling along the wall he finally found a torch, he pulled it from the wall and struck a match, he lit the torch. he held the torch high in the air, and gazed about horrified. the stable floor was covered in Blood, there was blood on the walls, blood dripping from the roof, then he saw a boot and part of a pant leg sticking out of a pile of hay he rush to it hoping one of his friends was still alive he grabbed the boot and pulled only to yank a entire leg out of the hay, the leg had been chewed something was trying to eat his friends. he turned and blindly ran away from the leg, farther into the stable he found another dwarf this one was headless it was hanging by it's feet from the ceiling, terrified he let the torch fall from his fingers, it fell into a pile of hay which ignited, the burning hay illuminated the barn. Arbalester fell to his knees and vomited. then for a dark corner behind him a twisted pink shape emerged it silently moved toward Arbalester, until it was right behind him, it raised it's mangled hands each of them had huge claws, and drove the claws into the Dwarf's back.

Story 3

SF Halloween 2014.png

Author: Panthera

Black, pitch-black it was on this stone cold moonless night, as she was fleeing through the dark forest. Gnarled tree branches slapping merciless in her face, scratching her pale cheeks. Her pants ripped to shreds by the thorny bushes, her arms and legs covered with a cobweb of her blood. She could smell the stench of her own fear, as in the distance she heard his bone-chilling screeches.

Looking down on the bejeweled Arbalest in her hand, the image of the brave Arbalester, with whom she had formed an unusual but firm friendship 1 year ago on demon night, wavered before her eyes. She found him at twilight, near the old oaken tree, where they had first met. He had pushed his weapon in her hands with trembling hands and his face starting to distort. ”Bring this home!” he had urged her.

“I have been possessed! LEAVE now, RUN and don’t look back!”

His speech slurred and his eyes started to glow, while a deep menacing sound built up inside his chest.

He was gaining up on her fast! A muffled cry escaped her throat, while she pulled her hood back over her haunted sparkling eyes, tightening the grip around the Arbalest in her bloodied hand. Terrified she picks up the pace, running, she must keep running!

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