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You can, when you strive for it, reach the rankings!

Sorting the Ranks

There are several options for sorting the ranks!

Sorting: Category

Sort it on ranking category!

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Siege
  • Tribute
  • Raid
  • Battleground
  • Leagues
  • Wars
Rankings Category.png

Sorting: Period

Sort it on ranking period!

  • Winners (Weekly Rankings)
  • Current
  • Champions (all time)
SF Rankings Period.png

Weekly Rankings

If you hit the top 10 in the weekly rankings, you can earn magnificent rewards!

Rankings WeeklyRewards.png

There's also several achievements you can get upon reaching the top 10 in weekly rankings in the Feast of Valor!

Sorting: Social

Sort it on the social side!

  • All
  • Among Your Friends
  • League
Rankings SocialSorting.png

Sorting: Your Ranking

Sort it on either your ranking or the top 10!

Rankings MyRanking.png

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