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Obelisk of Power

Building the Obelisk of Power lets you begin using Skull Runes to customize multiple aspects of your gameplay including:

  • Individual unit speed modifications
  • Production time improvements for your units
  • Food consumption reduction for all your units
  • Lost Art discovery time reduction
  • The ability to have up to an extra 20 Wraiths (making the cap 70)
  • The ability to hold an extra Settlement and Hamlets (making the cap at 3)
  • The ability to reduce Dark Essence cost of darkening units by up to 50%
  • The ability to increase you experience gained from battles by up to 20%

Obelisk of Power

Build the Obelisk of Power to begin using Skull Runes to customize different attributes of your Castle and Units.

Skull Runes are signs of power etched into the Skulls of your fallen enemies that can be used to cast enchantments over your various Units and Castle attributes. Skull Runes can be bought at the Black Market for Soulstones, however, they cannot given as gifts, or traded.

Level Range Skull Runes Received
Levels 2–34 2 Skull Runes per level
Levels 35–64 4 Skull Runes per level
Levels 65–79 6 Skull Runes per level
Levels 80+ 8 Skull Runes per level

Using Skull Runes

Click the Obelisk of Power to access the Rune Tree. On the Tree you will see all game Units divided into Groups. In order to unlock different Unit attributes and branches on the Rune Tree, you must progress through each Group sequentially. To get started, use two Runes to unlock Group I by clicking the "Unit Group I" and then "Apply" button. You'll notice that applying each Skull Rune takes time - this time will increase with each additional Rune you apply to a Unit.

Redistributing Skull Runes

Listen up - this next part is IMPORTANT!

Once you've applied your Skull Runes, you will get ONLY ONE CHANCE to remove them for free. To remove a Skull Rune, click the "Edit" button at the top the Rune Tree, and then click the "-" symbol next to the Skull Runes you want to recover. When in Editing Mode, you may ONLY remove Skull Runes you have applied and put them back in your Rune Bag. When you have recovered the Skull Runes you want, click "Apply" to make your changes permanent. You may now redistribute your recovered Skull Rune as you normally would (this includes waiting while the Skull Runes are applied).

After your one free edit, the payment in Sapphires will be demanded for additional changes. The price will increase each time.


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