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Revive Your Units For FREE in Infirmary!

I am most honored to announce that we have reached an agreement with the great shamans of E'muhrr; and that from this day forth, they shall revive a percentage of your fallen Units for free!

To revive your fallen Units for free, all a Lord or Lady must do is construct the Infirmary in their Castle. The Infirmary is where skilled shaman healers can revive Units you have lost whilst defending your Castle. From here you can restore your Units for FREE or by spending Sapphires.

The Level 1 Infirmary will let you revive 5% of your Units for FREE. Upgrading your Infirmary will increase the number of Units you can restore by 1% with each upgrade Level.

   Remember: reviving Units is cheaper and quicker than training a new army!

The Infirmary contains 2 interface tabs:

1) "Info" - Displays the Infirmary Upgrade Level and its information.

2) "Infirmary" - Displays number and type of Units you can revive, both for FREE and by using Sapphires.

Only a certain percentage of your fallen Units will be displayed in the Infirmary for revival. If you see that no Units have been sent to the Infirmary yet, take part in more battles to restore the Units.

Use this knowledge wisely, my Lords; utilizing the power of the shamans may be the key to conquering Darkshine!

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