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Castle Guard are specialized defensive Improvements that guard your Castle and battle for its defense.

In addition to counting toward your Castle Defense Bonus, they take part in each battle for your Castle, just like any other unit within your Castle walls. The advantage of Castle Guard over normal units is that the Castle Guard can be revived if fallen in battle. Once purchased, the Castle Guard will help you defend your Castle in all future battles.

To revive a fallen member of Castle Guard, simply click on them, and in a set period of time they will be revived and ready to fight in the next battle. The exact time required for each Castle Guard type can be found in its description window (open by clicking on the object), and can be viewed in a progress bar during the revival.

The fallen Castle Guard can also be instantly revived by your Friends. To revive your Castle Guard, your Friend must visit your Castle and click on the fallen Guard. Each Friend can instantly revive only one Castle Guard a day.

Each Castle Guard is designed to fend off specific unit types. A limited number of Castle Guard can be placed in your Castle. The Castle Guard cannot be dispatched to other Castles, Settlements, Battlegrounds or Beacons.

All Improvements help increase your Castle Defense Bonus. The more of these additions you have in and around your Castle, the higher your Units' defensive rating. Tar Cauldrons can be installed on your Walls, Gates, Towers - and on the grounds inside your Castle.

Build Improvements to increase the Defense Rating of the Units guarding your Castle and earn rewards! Click the "Construction" menu and select the "Improvements" tab to choose your Improvement.

Click the "Edit" button in the right-hand panel. You can move all of your structures, but only Improvements can be permanently deleted once they have been constructed. Remember that you can expand your Castle if you find yourself running out of space. You can also upgrade Fortifications to higher levels.


The Immortals are believed to be cursed men - doomed to walk the earth long after life has lost it's joy. Feared and shunned across Stormfall, they will defend their masters as long as they draw breath - and if cut down will resurrect in but 4 hours to fight again. At a word, your friends may also revive them instantly.


Drawn from the most elite ranks of the Order of the Divine Blade, the Crusaders are among the greatest defenders to ever live. These holy warriors fight under the protection by the Gods, and will resurrect within 2 hours of being struck down. Your friends may also call them back to their sacred duty instantly.

Belrathian Guard

The members of the Belrathian Guard were granted great powers of strength and healing in the old wars against the Marennon - allowing them to heal their wounds in a mere 2 hours, or at the touch of any their Lord calls his friend. These ageless guardians shall hold when most others have fallen and crumbled to dust.

Red Dragon

Red Dragons are covetous, virtually immortal, and fiercely territorial. Renowned for their ability to recover from wounds at astounding speed, they may return to defend their horde within only 2 hours of defeat - or a swift kick from a friend will bring them back into the fight immediately.


The Hydra are many-headed serpents that belch a noxious miasma worse even than that of the Wyvern. Able to regrow lost heads, they may return to battle within 2 hours, or be revived instantly by a brave friend.


Trolls - though stupid and dangerous - may yet be put to good service. He who can pay for one to be captured will find it a fearsome addition to their Castle's defensive force. Strong and long-lived as stone, a Troll needs but 2 hours of rest before returning to battle, or may be roused by your friends instantly.


Summoners are powerful healers of those imbued with immortal life. Chanting and guiding the primeval powers with their gongs, they can hasten the recovery of even the most direly wounded Castle Guardians and damaged Altar of Weor. The more Summoners within your Castle, the faster the return of your Castle Guardians and Altar of Weor.

Summoners are medical improvement items capable of automatically healing all defensive Castle Guardian Units (Such as Trolls, Hydras, Red Dragons, Immortals, Crusaders, and Belrathian Guards) and Altar of Weor within your Castle.

Summoners begin automatically healing your Castle Guardians each time you log into the game, do not consume resources, and cannot be damaged or destroyed.

Each Summoner you purchase increases the rate of repair for all Castle Guardians and Altar of Weor in your Castle by 5%. You may install a maximum of 5 Summoners.

Castle Defense Bonus

Your Castle Defense Bonus increases the defensive performance of any Units your have defending your Castle. Building Fortifications, (Walls, Towers, Gates, Ballistae, etc.) and Improvements increases your Castle's overall Defense Bonus. Keep in mind that your Castle Defense Bonus only helps your Units defend against attacks, and will not help you if you have no defensive force posted at your Castle. Each 100 Defensive points increase your Units' Defensive stats by 1%.

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