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Tournaments are special quests in which you battle together with fellow Lords and Ladies to complete global objectives. Though participation is voluntary, the outcome of each Tournament can drastically alter the future of Stormfall, resulting in permanent changes to the game map, and has the potential to unlock rewards and new game features for participating players.

Participating in Tournaments will oftentimes require that Lords and Ladies put their warriors at risk, collecting as many Tournament Points as possible by clashing with enemies on the battlefield and carrying out other types of quests with various goals. Upon the completion of a Global Tournament, all contributing Lords and Ladies will be rewarded according to the size of their contribution.

Types of Tournaments

  • Solo:
Solo Tournaments are quests where you have to earn points by yourself. As your points grow, rewards will become more and better simultaneously.
  • Solo Multiplier:
Solo Multiplier Tournaments might be the most favored one. This type of quest will grant you, whilst being part of a League for at least 7 days, the opportunity to gain up to 2x (And sometimes 2.2x!) the amount of rewards! The League's contribution will determine the amount of the multiplier. If you're not a part of a league for at least 7 days, don't lose hope just yet, You can still earn your rewards just without a multiplied amount.
  • League:
League Tournaments are quests where the League's contribution counts most. Earn at least 100 points and gain the opportunity to earn grandiose rewards! Your rewards increase as the League's points increase. Though, in order to participate you'll require a 7 day membership within your League. If not, then the points you earn will be given to the League's contribution without you gaining rewards.

One reward might be worth more than the other which makes rewards vary in required points.

Variations of Tournament Kinds

  • Beacon Conquests:
Fight your opponents from beacons alongside your league! To participate in Beacon Conquests you're supposed to protect, attack or spy on a beacon. Depending on the type of tournament, you can earn points and gain magnificent rewards!
  • PvP Warfare:
Eliminate your enemies in a PvP (= Player versus Player) Tournament! Participation isn't hard; Seek for a castle and murder as many troops within those walls. The more you kill, the more points you gain.
  • Battleground Tournament:
Annihilate Balur's forces and gain points for each battleground you clear. The higher the battleground's level, the more points you gain!
  • Development Race:
The most peaceful tournament could be the Development Race, where players upgrade their buildings or discover Lost Arts. The more you have upgraded or discovered, the more points you will earn.
  • Experience Exhibition:
In this tournament, the amount of experience you earn from anything, except for Daily Quests that is, will be equal to the points you earn.
  • Hamlet Harvest:
In this tournament, you can acquire points by attacking or defending hamlets.
  • Dragon Derby:
In this tournament, you can earn points by discovering/upgrading Dragon Arts or fighting with your Dragon at the Dragon Stone.

Variations of Tournament Greatness

  • Tournament:
A tournament of regular kind and normal rewards.
  • Championship:
A Championship is a bigger kind of tournament. In a Championship you can earn bigger and better rewards. They're known by a golden badge, instead of silver by a regular tournament.
  • Grand::
Grand Tournaments only appeared through June 2016 as it's Plarium's 7th Anniversary! However, there might be a chance that it'll re-appear next year!

Tournament Peculiarity

  • Common:
This peculiarity generally stays for short and grants you minor rewards with ease.
  • Regular:
This peculiarity generally stays for 3 days and grants you normal rewards.
  • Epic:
This peculiarity will regularly give decent rewards for your participation and usually remains 2 days!
  • Legendary::
This peculiarity will regularly give richer rewards for participation than Epic tournaments and usually lasts for 5 days!


Certain tournaments also contain 'Heat'. Each heat level gives better rewards.

You can access the Tournaments from the events menu in the bottom left hand corner. Well-trained units are already lining up to wreak havoc across Darkshine, so be swift! Battle to take a top spot in the Rankings and get wondrous rewards!

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