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About the Experience Exhibition Tournament

Experience Exhibition Tournaments is where you earn your points by earning any kind of experience except for Daily Quests.

Be aware of the fact that only Experience Exhibition points affect your position in the rankings for this operation.

Why didn't I receive Experience Exhibition points?

Experience is earned in many ways. The only way not to earn points is by doing stuff that doesn't grant you experience!

This icon represents the Experience Exhibition: Coming soon!

Key points of the Experience Exhibition tournament

Please keep in mind the following key points:

  • Even if you have won all of the rewards on offer, ranking points will continue to accumulate. The reward for first place will go to the player who has the highest ranking points accumulated.

League Experience Exhibition

SF League Experience Exhibiton.jpg

My Lords and Ladies,

Stormfall has never seen an August as hot as this one, my Lord! But things are about to boil over with our legendary Great Stormfall Tourney Event!

The first Tournament in the Event has arrived - the League Experience Exhibition!

This is our biggest Tournament EVER and offers bigger, better Rewards than have ever been seen in Darkshine!

The task is simple - just earn Experience Points! It matters little how you earn these Points, only that you earn a lot of them! Show off your battle skills, take strides to develop your Castle, or amaze other Lords and Ladies with the knowledge you have gained by Discovering Lost Arts. In the League Experience Exhibition everything counts for you AND your League!

The League Experience Exhibition lasts for an incredible 17 days giving Lords and Ladies who participate more opportunities than ever before to win powerful Rewards!

The task is clear, the terms are set. The realm is yours to control, my Lord!

Lord Oberon Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall

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