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*[[SF_DragonStone|Dragon Stone]]
*[[SF_DragonStone|Dragon Stone]]
*[[SF_Development_Race_Tournament|Development Race Tournament]]
*[[SF_Development_Race_Tournament|Development Race Tournament]]
*[[SF_Experience_Exhibition_Tournament|Experience Exhibition Tournament]]

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Dragon Derby

About the Dragon Derby Tournament

Dragon Derby Tournaments, is where you have to murder monstrous creatures or discover/upgrade Dragon Arts at the Dragon Stone.

Take heed of one exception; Activating the Dragon does not give points!

Be aware of the fact that only Dragon Derby points affect your position in the rankings for this operation. However, you will not get any battle reports from this due to this not requiring any challenging deeds, and thus you'll need to check the points at the Event button whenever you please.

Why didn't I receive Dragon Derby points?

The amount of Dragon Derby points depends on how much you spent on the Dragon Stone. The bigger the amounts you spent, the more Dragon Derby points you'll obtain!

This icon represents the Dragon Derby:

Dragon Derby Icon

Key points of the Dragon Derby tournament

Please keep in mind the following key points:

  • Even if you have won all of the rewards on offer, ranking points will continue to accumulate. The reward for first place will go to the player who has the highest ranking points accumulated.
  • Every player who has reached Level 15 and have built the Dragon Stone in the game will receive the option to participate in this quest.
  • Raided resources and destroyed Balur's units on Beacons and Battlegrounds missions will not count towards the Dragon Derby rankings.

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