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Daily Quests

The King of the Shades has sent forth his most trusted high priestess, Iris Mar'eth, to deliver Daily Quests to you each and every day! Iris Mar'eth is the Ambassadress of the Shades and the overseer of all her King's Daily Quests throughout the lands of Stormfall.

Not much is known of her intentions, but rest assured in the knowledge that all Lords and Ladies who take the time to complete her Quests will be richly rewarded.

Daily Quests will be given three times a day, and each Lord may receive up to 8 at one time. They may be anything from safeguarding a dwarven caravan, organizing a boar hunt or even poisoning cattle in a hostile Castle. It may sound difficult, but fear not – they are the easiest rewards a Lord can wish for. These Quests will have no need for battle, nor will they cost any Units or Resources, yet they offer GUARANTEED rewards for every Lord that takes the time to complete them.

Participating is optional, but the wisest men in Stormfall are all in agreement that completing these Quests is in the best interests in each and every Lord wishing to make a name for themselves.

New Reward Item - Crystals!

From this day on some of your Reward packages will also include Crystal Coffers with one Crystal of level 1 capable of improving your Units’ Offensive and Defensive statistics. Crystals will work in tandem with all other upgrades, special relics, and other items currently active on your Units. All Crystal Coffers acquired will be sent to your Cache in the Sanctum of Shards, where you can open them and collect the Crystals.

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