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Remember: Champion units are rare creatures whom appear available for purchase in Darkshine for a limited time!

Champion units are adjacent to Legendary Units in power and thus part of the most powerful units within the battlefields all over the lands. They are still categorized by offensive and defensive capacities in alignment with their primary functions. They all have one thing in common, however. The more supportive units sent with these powerful Units increase their power immensely.

Champion Units grant powerful bonuses to the offensive or defensive statistics of your forces when leading their respective Units. Each Champion Unit has Bestiary & Occult as unit type. As well as their designation (offense or defense). Which supporting units can be used with Legendary Units can be found in the Special Bonus tab in the units' statistics.

Unfortunately, Champion Units can be defeated! You can revive them at the Healer tab within the Black Market or at your Infirmary.


This bar indicates the number of other Units attached to the Legendary Unit. Red indicates insufficient units attached, Yellow indicates some Units attached - but under the optimal amount whilst Green will indicate the optimum amount of Units attached to your Legendary Unit. If the Bar is Red with Units attached then it is indicating that you have gone over the optimum amount and that these extra units have nil effect and no additional bonus given to those Units.


Winter is upon us. The rivers have frozen over, and a thick blanket of snow covers Darkshine. I cannot recall the last time the Gods have brought us such flurries and blizzards - this shall surely be the longest, darkest winter we've had in many years. With the biting frost, though, comes a silver lining. For the first time in ages, it is cold enough for the Ice Dragons and Ice Guardians to grace us with their presence. These glorious beings have descended from the Northern Mountains to join us, and it seems they haven't forsaken their old allegiances to our realm. While they are normally peaceful beings, they have no fondness for Balur, and they are willing to fight! This could be just what we need to overcome our shared foe. We cannot know how long this weather will last, so I urge you to recruit these majestic Ice Beings while we have the chance! They will only be available to us for a limited time.


  • Both the Ice Dragon or Ice Guardian can be deployed either with Occult and Bestiary Units. Nevertheless you should use Bestiary Units to defend against these deadly monsters.
  • You will notice that when sending these Units to a mission alongside regular Legendary Units, the supporting Units deploy with the regular Units first. Only then, once the regular Legendary Units have full support, shall units begin to be deployed with the new Limited-Edition units.
  • When these limited-edition Units are removed from the Black Market, fear not, for it does not mean that they shall vanish from the game. You simply will not longer be able to purchase them. You will still be able to revive them at the Infirmary and Healer, and use them as you deem fit.

Champion Units:

Bestiary & Occult

Ice Dragon

It was the Day of the Great Eclipse, when Farwol kidnapped the Goddess Eir and the sun ceased to warm the earth, that Darkshine first learned of the mysterious Ice Dragon. Their breath turns walls and shields to ice, weakening the enemy before your onslaught of Occult and Bestiary units!

Unit Avatar Units Power Unit Stats Supporting Units
Ice Dragon
Offense Min 4000 Max 28500
Infantry Defense 350
Cavalry Defense 100
Occult Units Defense 100
Bestiary Defense 350
Carrying Capacity 1000.0
Food Consumption 0.0 Food per hour
Speed 36 mph
Construction Time Instant via Purchase
Cost of the Unit 1950 Sapphires
Units (max 20) Bonus
Eldritch Dragon +1225
Dark Dragon +1200
Imperial Dragon +1150
Dragon +1100
Dark Wyvern +1050
Imperial Wyvern +1000
Wyvern +950
Imperial Renegade +760
Renegade +740
Eldritch Necromancer +665
Dark Necromancer +660
Imperial Necromancer +650
Dark Chimera +650
Necromancer +630
Imperial Chimera +600
Chimera +550
Dark Warlock +530
Imperial Warlock +520
Warlock +510

Ice Guardian

The Ice Guardians came to Darkshine along with the Ice Dragons, but unlike their draconic brethren, showed no interests in hunting. These giants bolster the defenses at your castle by slowing the enemy advances with their mastery of the winter elements.

Unit Avatar Units Power Unit Stats Supporting Units
Ice Guardian
Offense 504
Infantry Defense Min 1680 Max 10880
Cavalry Defense Min 2100 Max 11300
Occult Units Defense Min 2520 Max 11720
Bestiary Defense Min 2570 Max 11770
Carrying Capacity 1000.0
Food Consumption 0.0 Food per hour
Speed 30.0 mph
Construction Time Instant via Purchase
Cost of the Unit 758 Sapphires
Units (max 20) Bonus
Dark Undead Dragon +460
Imperial Undead Dragon +450
Undead Dragon +440
Eldritch Griffin +435
Dark Griffin +430
Imperial Griffin +420
Griffin +410
Eldritch Golem +308
Dark Demon +305
Imperial Demon +300
Dark Golem +295
Imperial Golem +290
Demon +290
Golem +280

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