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Information about the League Challenges

Let's have a look at how it works!

How does one earn points?

There are several ways of earning points in a League Challenge. The following screenshot provides you with this information: Earning Points

Additional information

It's important to know how long the challenge will last and who is winning! The following screenshot shows that: Additional Information

Rewards from League Challenges

Crystal Coffers

With the approval of the High Council of Stormfall, it is my pleasure to inform you that Crystal Coffers and Crystals are to be offered as rewards to the victors of League Challenges.

Each participating member of the victorious League will receive one Crystal Coffer carrying two special Crystals. After each successful League Challenge, a Crystal Coffer will be sent to your Sanctum of Shards and deposited in the Cache.

Crystals are imbued with powerful blessings and enchantments that can be used to grant boosts to the Offensive and Defensive statistics of your Units when activated.

You can increase the size and potency of your Crystals by combining any two of the same level and type, thus granting you a new Crystal of a higher level. By repeating this process, you can upgrade Crystals up to a maximum Level of 12. The higher the level of the Crystal, the better the bonus it will grant to your forces once activated.

Imperial Map

The new Imperial Map

On your Imperial Map, the Council has added 2 new icons to assist you in battles and Challenges.

Within the sidebar, you will find the new categories of War and Challenge added. This is reflected on the Imperial Map with the 2 new Icons to distinguish your enemies and their statuses. This will enable you to identify your Enemies and their status faster and easier!

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