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About the Battleground Tournament

Battleground Tournaments are tournaments where you can earn points by defeating Balur's forces! Battleground Tournaments last for a few days. (The remain time might vary) Battleground points can be obtained for lost and/or killed troops at Battlegrounds.

Destroying troops from other players will not count, because those are not Balur's forces!

Be aware of the fact that only Battleground points affect your position in the rankings for this operation. You will see a special icon in the battle report when Battleground points are credited. If you do not see this icon (with Battleground points) in your battle report then it means that you did not get these points and they will not affect your ranking position.

Why didn't I receive Battleground points?

The amount of Battleground points depends on the battle you are having. The bigger the battle you are having and the more troops you have killed, the more Battleground points you are going to get! If you haven't got any Battleground points after a certain battle, for example you haven't managed to destroy enough units of Balur's forces in order to get them. Hence you will have no PvP points.

This icon means that you received Tournament points:

"BG Points"

Key points of the Battleground Tournament

Please keep in mind the following key points:

  • Even if you have won all of the rewards on offer, ranking points will continue to accumulate. The reward for first place will go to the player who has the highest ranking points accumulated.
  • Every player who has reached Level 15 and have built Eagle's Nest and House of Lords in the game will receive the option to participate in this tournament.
  • Only attacking and defending Battlegrounds count towards the rankings.
  • Destroying other people's troops will not count towards the BG rankings.
  • If you haven't got any BG points after a certain battle, i.e you haven't managed to destroy enough units of Balur's forces in order to get them. Hence you will have no BG points.

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