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Academy Level

Joining a League has never been so easy! Join an Academy within a League to master your skills, gain knowledge and experience, and become an integral part of League life. If you want your name written alongside the other heroes of Stormfall, now is the time to join a powerful League and enter the greater battle for Stormfall! Go to your Embassy, open the “Academy” tab and click “Join Academy”. If you haven't decided which League or Academy to apply for, click “Join Random Academy” at the bottom of the screen.

Are you a League Marshal? Don't let the enemy enlist potential new talent before you! From now on all League Marshals are empowered to create a League Academy in which to train potential Recruits. Customize your League Settings to automatically place candidates in your region and language who are looking for a League to join. You may allocate associations between key League Members and Neophytes in the Academy as you deem fit, and customize its size and recruitment parameters.

Go to your Embassy, open the “My League” tab and click the “League Settings”; then enter the required level for joining your Academy, preferred language, and how many League Membership slots to Neophytes:

Neophyte is a newly added rank which allows League Marshals to train low-level players under the watchful eye of the experienced Lords and Ladies.

The High Council has also added another 2 Ranks – Ambassador and Ranger. These permit no special new abilities, but will allow you to designate League Members to conduct diplomacy and intelligence-gathering. Assign new Ranks, train your Neophytes well, and lead them to glory!

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