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There are three primary and four secondary types of Resources in the game :

Primary Resources

and four secondary types

Secondary Resources
Drill Instructors
Drill Instructor
Influence Points
Influence Point

You receive your resources from 7 things :

  • 1 Hourly production
  • 2 Raids
  • 3 friends convoys ( if they have enough to spare )
  • 4 exchanges
  • 5 rail deposit ( if or when you can hold one )
  • 6 Black Market ( forget about it if you are not a credit card player )
  • 7 Seek and Destroy Missions ( randomly )

You need them to construct buildings, research Technologies and produce Troops.
The amount of Munitions and Fuel you can gain per hour depends on the number of fields you have for these Resources.
You can make up for the discrepancy by trading Resources with other players.

Usage and Acquisition

To gain more Resources, construct and upgrade Munitions factories and Oil derrick and resource related buildings - such as the Arms Dealer and Fuel silo . The amount of Munitions and Fuel you can store is limited by your Storage depos capacity. Upgrade your Storage depos to store more Resources. Rations are collected from your Sector's Field Kitchen. Build and upgrade your Field Kitchen and the Traffic Air Control to increase the rate at which you collect Rations. The amount of Rations you can store in your base is limited by your Field Kitchen's capacity. Make sure you upgrade your Field Kitchen at the same rate at which you increase your rations income or anything over your capacity will go to waste. (The same goes for your Storage depos). You also need Rations to maintain your Troops. Every military unit in the game consumes its own set level of Rations per hour. If you run out of Rations, your Troops will be dismissed. You can exchange excess Resources or Rations at the Logistic exchanges for Resources or Rations you're low on. Your Friends and Allies can also gift them to you - or you can steal them from other bases during Raids.

Premium Content

Diamonds give you extra advantages in the game, they are a premium resource that can be spent to speed up certain game actions, purchase units and Premium Content and cut out most of the time-consuming processes from your game play.

You can use them to:

  • Boost the rate of your building construction, Contract negotiations and Unit production
  • Purchase Resources, Units or Contract Referrals at the Black Market
  • Purchase Defensive buildings and improvements
  • Purchase Engineers that add additional construction & upgrade queues to your Base, which will allow you to upgrade or add multiple buildings or upgrades simultaneously

Resource Management

The largest determining factor in how successful a commander is depends on how well the commander can manage his resources. A commander who keeps too many resources on hand risks losing them to raiders. A commander who always uses up every last resource risks having enough flexibilty to react to the battle fields around him. The smart commander, or rather the commander left standing, is the one who finds the correct balance of resources to keep his army moving, growing, and strong.

  • Resource Procurement

Commanders who rely on their own mines to provide them with resources are limited in growth. There is a very finite rate of replenishment to resources within sectors. However, through raiding, capturing additional deposits, and trading, any commander can increase the procurement levels of his resources enough to keep up with the tides of battle.

  • Resource Trading

A common saying amongst veteran commanders is, "If I had a ton of Rations for every munitions or fuel I've wasted, I'd have a fleet of ships abe to circle the planet!" The resulting phenomenon is an economy full of munitions and Fuel but never enough Rations. Literally thousands of commanders have caravans sitting at their gates waiting for orders to ship to a sector that has accepted a trade agreement. And they sit there. The underlying culprit? Greed.

All commanders would love to receive more than what they give up. It is understandable. However, the wise commander will know that by sweetening the deal for the other commander, it will hasten a trade and keep the flow of resources coming. The result is two content commanders who got what they needed and made some room in ther Storage Depos or Field Kitchen, lessening the likelihood of raiders getting wind of their capacities being bulked up.

  • Resource Spending

Resources are there to be spent and used. But, a careful and wise commander will know where to spend those resources and when. There are troops to train. Machines to build. Technologies to research. But what gets to be done first? This depends on the foresight of a commander. Some commanders want immediate results. Some commanders are content to take it slower. Depending on what you wish to do, commander, you will either want to train troops or wait and spend those resources on research and development.

It is debatable amongst commanders which is the best route to take. Troops that are already trained and battle ready get the same boost to research at a later time when it is compeleted rather than those who are trained after the research is completed. They result in exactly the same unit when it is all said and done.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are a commanders best friend. Not only are they shiney, but they boost almost anything a commander can think of, making all functions under the commander's watchful eye work faster and more efficiently. But, there are a finite amount of Diamonds a commander can procure without finding some other means to get them.

All commanders who stay diligent to their sector will get Diamonds. There will not be very many, however. But once a commander has them, he should decide wisely where to use them. The Black Market is a tempting place that is full of really...VERY nice things that typically make commanders need to change their BDUs from all the drooling and...well....nevermind. However, those very nice items come at exceedingly expensive prices, all paid for with Diamonds. Only those commanders who have a substantial reserve of Diamonds in stock should consider spending them here.

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