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Researching Transportation technology allows you build the Trade Gateway - one of the most important buildings in your Sector. Having a Trade Gateway lets you exchange Resources and Modules with other Sectors. Your ability to build and maintain safe, reliable trade networks with this technology will be vital as you build your Empire.

Unlocks: Trade Gateway
Requires no Modules. Research time: 9 s.


Researching Efficiency unlocks construction of the Trade Center. The Trade Center allows your logistics crews to maximize the effective carrying capacity of each of your Trade caravans. This means more resources, more trade, and more profit per exchange.

Unlocks: Trade Center
Requires 6 Modules. Uranium: 3000 Titanium: 3000 Credits: 6000 . Research time: 29min 23seconds

Logistical Data

Logistical Data gives your specialists the experience and theory needed to construct the Transport Center. At the Transport Center you can boost the speed of your Trade Caravans. Keep those supply convoys coming in hot!

Unlocks: Transport Center
Requires 6 Modules. Uranium: 5000 Titanium: 5000 Credits: 10000. Research time: 29 m. 23 s.

War Economy

This research allows your economic planners to coordinate your industry, workforce, and infrastructure for full war mobilization and maximum profitability. Allows construction of the Financial Corporation - boosting the rate at which you collect Credits.

Unlocks: Financial Corporation
Requires 8 Modules. Uranium: 10000 Titanium: 10000 Credits: 12000. Vault level 10. Research time: 3 h. 55 m. 17 s.

Automated Production

Automated Production technology permits the development of robotic processing lines to accelerate the mining, smelting, and refining of Titanium at the Ore Refinery.

Unlocks: Ore Refinery
Requires 8 Modules. Uranium: 15000 Titanium: 15000 Credits: 20000. Titanium Mine level 10. Research time: 3 h. 55 m. 17 s.

Isotope Separation

Researching Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation (AVLIS) allows your scientists to enrich sufficient Uranium 235 to build the Breeder Reactor. The Reactor increases your Uranium production by re-enriching your spent fuel rods and conserving refined ore.

Unlocks: Breeder Reactor
Requires 8 Modules. Uranium: 20000 Titanium: 20000 Credits: 30000. Uraium Mine level 10. Research time: 3 h. 55 m. 17 s.

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