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Discover Trade so you can build a Market and bargain with other Captains for the Resources and Sketches you want.

Unlocks: Market

Requires no Sketches. Research time: 14 s.


Discovering Mathematics lets you build the House o'Navigation. Each time you upgrade this building you will increase the carrying capacity of your trading Galleons.

Unlocks: House o'Navigation.

Requires 6 Sketches.
Gold: 3000
Lumber: 3000
Rum: 6000
Research time: 29 m. 23 s.


Discovering Smuggling lets you build the Merchants' Guild in your Pirate Haven. Upgrading this building speeds them safely on their way!

Unlocks: Merchants' Guild

Requires 6 Sketches.
Gold: 5000
Lumber: 5000
Rum: 10000
Research time: 29 m. 23 s.


Discovering Banking will let you build a Windmill to speed up Rum production.

Unlocks: Windmill

Requires 8 Sketches.
Rum Distillery level 10
Gold: 10000
Lumber: 10000
Rum: 12000
Research time: 3 h. 55 m. 17 s.



If you discover Manufacturing you can build a Sawmill. Building a Sawmill boosts your Lumber production. +5% faster with each upgrade.

Unlocks: Sawmill

Requires 8 Sketches.
Lumber Yard level 10
Gold: 15000
Lumber: 15000
Rum: 20000
Research time: 3 h. 55 m. 17 s.


Discovering Mercantilism allows you to build the Goldsmith shop. It boosts the rate at which you accumulate Gold by 5% with each level upgrade.

Unlocks: Goldsmith

Requires 8 Sketches.
Gold Mine level 10
Gold: 20000
Lumber: 20000
Rum: 30000
Research time: 3 h. 55 m. 17 s.

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