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| [[File:Ultima_Regis_Ratio.png]]||Ultima Regis Ratio|| 55|| Schooner|| Permanent|| +10% Offense ||Rare
| [[File:Ultima_Regis_Ratio.png]]||Ultima Regis Ratio|| 55|| Schooner|| Permanent|| +10% Offense ||Rare
| [[File:Veteran_Parrot.png]]||Veteran Parrot|| Level|| Unit Type|| Duration|| Effect ||Type
| [[File:Veteran_Parrot.png]]||Veteran Parrot|| 24|| Pirates|| 14 Days|| +7.5% Offence +10% Construction ||Common
| [[File:Vile_Brew.png]]||Vile Brew|| 20|| Marauder|| 7 Days|| +25% Speed -10% Capacity ||Common
| [[File:Vile_Brew.png]]||Vile Brew|| 20|| Marauder|| 7 Days|| +25% Speed -10% Capacity ||Common

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Relics affect different attributes of your Crew and Haven. Fight, claim, capture, and control Spires of Atlantis, Lost Temples, Blackbeard's Coves or Cibola Aquaticus to acquire new Relics. Build a Skeleton Cave to store and use the Relics you find. Construct the Lighthouse and Whitmore & Co. to locate and capture different Relic Targets throughout the Map.


Relics can do several different things. Some offer Offensive bonuses, while others improve the Defensive attributes of various Units. Other Relics mainly improve the Production performance characteristics for your entire Haven (resource production, Defense bonuses, etc.)

To use a Relic, place it into any open Activation slot on the Activation Board at your Skeleton Cave. You have 6 Activation Slots in total, and can use no more than two Relics of the same category simultaneously. For example: 2 Offensive Relics, 2 Defensive, 2 Production.


Relics can be either Permanent or Temporary. Build a Skeleton Cave to use either type. You can disengage and drag activated Permanent Relics back to Chamber of Relics at any time for later use, but Temporary Relics are consumable items and are active for a fixed period of time – once activated, they can't be moved back to the Chamber of Relics. If you exchange one Activated Temporary Relic for a new one, the old one will automatically be deleted.


Relics are categorized as either are Basic or Advanced based on their relative strength and stability. Basic Relics possess small, but stable effects. Advanced Relics have both strong positive and negative effects.


The strength of a Relic's attributes is measured in proportion to its rarity (Common, Rare, Unique, Lost, and Legendary). The harder it is to find, the stronger its effect.

Relics claimed from Sea Battles

Fighting with other Havens or Targets is one way to acquire new Relics. Your Master at Arms will brief you following each Battle. If there is a blue highlighted exclamation point next to the report instead of the normal red one, it means you have claimed a new Relic!

Open the report and read the description of your prize in the top window. You have a chance to claim and Relic regardless of the outcome of an engagement. Remember: In order to keep your new Relic you must go to your Skeleton Cave and either use it immediately or move it to your Chamber of Relics, or it will disappear in 48 hours. You can go there directly from your Master at Arms' report.

Relics recovered from Targets

The Spire of Atlantis, Lost Temple, Blackbeard's Cove, and Cibola Aquaticus are all Targets where you can find Relics on the game Map. They basically function just like normal Targets. Capture and control one for at least 1 hour before trying to recover Relics. After one hour, you can try to detect an Relic by clicking the 'Search' button.

The longer you hold a Relic Target, the higher your chances of successfully recovering a Relic with each attempt. You are allowed one search attempt per hour. Once you've successfully recovered a Relic, you will receive a report from your Merchant. Remember: In order to keep your new Relic you must go to your Skeleton Cave and either use it immediately, or move to your Chamber of Relics or it will disappear in 48 hours. You can go there directly from the Merchant's report. For more information see Relic Targets

List of Relics

Picture Name Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Aladdin's Lamp.png Aladdin's Lamp 32 Turtle Ship 7 Days -10% Cost Rare
Amber Flame.png Amber Flame 28 Bombadier 7 Days +8% Offense , -15% Speed Lost
Archangel.png Archangel 42 Gunboat Permanent +8% Defense and -20% Offense Legendary
Astrolabe.png Astrolabe 32 Turtle Ship Permanent +30% Defense Lost
Automaton.png Automaton 24 none 7 Days +5% to Lumber Production Lost
Aztec Gold.png Aztec Gold 32 Mercenaries Permanent -10% Construction Legendary
Backsword.png Backsword 38 Marine Permanent +4% Offense Lost
Ball Shot.png Ball Shot 38 Cannoneer 7 Days +8% Offense and -10% Capacity Lost
Bamboo Armor.png Bamboo Armor 30 Zhangzhou Elite 14 Days +8% Defense Unique
Battle Compact.png Battle Compact 16 Bonnie's Beauties 14 Days +6% Defense Common
Black Bart's Wheel.png Black Bart's Wheel 39 Gunboat 14 Days +8% Defense Legendary
Black Widow.png Black Widow 38 Sapper 14 Days +10% Defense Legendary
Boarder's Harness.png Boarder's Harness 28 Buccaneers 7 Days +8% Offense and -15% Capacity Unique
Boatswain's Tobacco.png Boatswain's Tobacco 38 Marine 7 Days +10% Speed Unique
Boomerang.png Boomerang 38 Marines Permanent +4% Offense Lost
Boreas' Bellows.png Boreas' Bellows Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Bucket-Top Boots.png Bucket-Top Boots 30 Buccaneer Permanent +10% Speed Lost
Buster the Decoy Dummy.png "Buster" The Decoy Dummy 38 Gunboat 14 Days +6% Defense Rare
Calypso's Buckler.png Calypso's Buckler 20 Bonnie's Beauties 14 Days +10% Defense and -20% Speed Common
Camouflage Netting.png Camouflage Netting 20 Flying Dutchman 14 Days +6% Stealth Bonus Unique
Cat's Cradle.png Cat's Cradle 30 Dragon Lady 14 Days -10% Cost Lost
Cats Eye.png Cats Eye 30 Dragon Lady Permanent +8% Defense Legendary
Chain-shot.png Chain-shot 37 Cannoneer 7 days +4% Offense, -10 % Capacity Unique
Cuirasse of Cortes.png Cuirasse of Cortés 30 Pirates Permanent +8% Defense Unique
Davy Jones' Locker.png Davy Jones' Locker 28 none Permanent -5% to Rum Consumption Legendary
Dead Man's Chest.png Dead Man's Chest 40 Lugger Permanent +100% Capacity Legendary
Dragon Altar.png Dragon Altar 30 Zhangzhou Elite Permanent -10% Cost Legendary
Dragon Banner.png Dragon Banner 32 Junk Permanent +4% Defense Lost
Dragon Spirit.png Dragon Spirit 32 Turtle Ship 14 Days +4% Defense Unique
Dragon's Breath.png Dragon's Breath 30 Zhangzhou Elite 7 Days +100% Offense Unique
Dragon's Curse.png Dragon's Curse 32 Turtle ship 7 days +10% Defense Unique
Elixir of Haste.png Elixir of Haste 34 Cannoneer Permanent +10% Speed Unique
Fish Scale Armor.png Fish Scale Armor 24 Bonnie's Beauties Permanent +8% Defense and -10% Offense Unique
Frenzy Root.png Frenzy Root 24 Pirates 14 Days +4% Offense Common
Fresnel Lens.png Fresnel Lens 20 Flying Dutchman Permanent +15% Stealth Bonus Legendary
Golden Fleece.png Golden Fleece 28 none 14 Days Haven Defense +3000 Legendary
Golden Key.png Golden Key 40 Lugger Permanent -10% Cost Legendary
Grape Shot.png Grape Shot 41 Brigantine 7 Days +8% Offense and -10% Speed Rare
Grapnel.png Grapnel Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Greek Fire.png Greek Fire 36 Grenadier Permanent +10 Defense and -30% Capacity Lost
Grimoire.png Grimoire 28 Skirmisher 7 Days +10% Defense and +15% Construction Unique
Hand Grenade.png Hand Grenade 28 Pirates 14 Days +7.5% Offense -10% Speed Common
Hansel Gun Axe.png Hansel Gun Axe 18 Pirates Permanent Offense +5% Capacity -10% Unique
Headhunter Mask.png Headhunter Mask 18 Bonnie's Beauties Permanent +4% Defense Common
Hourglass.png Hourglass Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Infernal Device.png Infernal Device 32 Grenadier 14 Days +6% Defense Unique
Jolly Roger relic.png Jolly Roger 18 Pirates Permanent +4% Offense Unique
Juju Powder.png Juju Powder 24 Skirmisher 14 Days +6% Defense Common
Keg Mine.png Keg Mine 50 Submarine Permanent +20% Defense -30% Offense Legendary
King's Seal.png King's Seal 55 Schooner 7 Days -10% Cost Legendary
Kraken's Claw.png Kraken's Claw 18 Marauder 7 Days Offense: +5% Common
Kris.png Kris Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Letter of Marque.png Letter of Marque 40 Lugger 7 Days -10% Cost Rare
Lifesaver.png Lifesaver 22 Pirates 7 Days +8% Defense -10% Speed Unique
Madame Ching's Chest.png Madame Ching's Chest 32 Bombadier 7 Days +5% Capacity , -5% Speed Lost
Magic anvil.png Magic Anvil 22 Marauder Permanent -5% Construction Time +10% Cost Common
Mariner's Compass.png Mariner's Compass 32 Turtle Ship Permanent +25% Speed Unique
Medicinal Spirits.png Medicinal Spirits 26 Pirates 14 Days +10% Defense +10 Cost Unique
Melee Apron.png Melee Apron 34 Mercenaries 14 Days +10% Defense and -25% Speed Lost
Mercenary Standard.png Mercenary Standard 32 Grenadier and Cuirassier 14 Days +8% Defense Lost
Midas Hook.png Midas Hook 24 none 7 Days +5% to Gold Production Lost
Morgan's Flask.png Morgan's Flask 20 none 3 Days -5% to Rum Consumption Unique
Nelson's Spyglass.png Nelson's Spyglass 55 Schooner Permanent +5% Offense Rare
Newton's Diary.png Newton's Diary 40 Fleet Permanent -10% Construction Legendary
Pascal's Calculator.png Pascal's Calculator 20 none 7 Days -10% to Discovery Research Time Unique
Pepper-box Pistol.png Pepper-box Pistol 26 Buccaneers Permanent +3% Offense Lost
Pills of Avarice.png Pills of Avarice 24 Buccaneers 7 Days Capacity +10% Common
Poseidon's Orb.png Poseidon's Orb Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Powder Monkey.png Powder Monkey 38 Sapper Permanent +50% Capacity Unique
Pyrate Code.png Pyrate Code 24 Pirates Permanent +5% Offense and -4% Defense Unique
Quartermaster's Lock.png Quartermaster's Lock 18 none 7 Days +5% to Rum Porduction Common
Salamander.png Salamander 38 Sapper 14 Days +8% Defense Unique
Salmagundi Surprise.png Salmagundi Surprise 38 Marine 14 Days -10% Cost Rare
Shipwright's Plans.png Shipwright's Plans 55 Schooner 14 Days +6% Construction Time -10% Cost Rare
Shuriken.png Shuriken Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type
Silver Brassard.png Silver Brassard 20 Pirates Permanent +4% Defense Unique
Spanish Boot.png Spanish Boot 24 none 14 Day -10% to Discovery Research Time Lost
Speaking Trumpet.png Speaking Trumpet 44 Frigate Permanent -5% Construction Time and +10% Cost Rare
Steam Engine.png Steam Engine 50 Armada Permanent -10% Construction Legendary
Steel Wing.png Steel Wing 32 Turtle Ship Permanent +4% Defense Legendary
Surgeon's Bag.png Surgeon's Bag 18 Pirates 14 Days +6% Defense Common
Swivel Shot.png Swivel Shot 26 Bombadier 7 Days +4% Offense , -20% Speed Lost
Teach's compass.png Teach's compass 36 Cannoneer 7 Days +25% Speed Lost
Tengu Talisman.png Tengu Talisman 32 Junk 14 Days +8% Defense Unique
The Lady's Favour.png The Lady's Favour 36 Cuirassier 7 Days +6% Defense Lost
The Lash.png The Lash 40 Brigantine 7 Days +25% Speed , -5% Offense Rare
Thunderclap.png Thunderclap 30 Zhangzhou Elite Permanent +100% Offense Lost
Tiger Claw.png Tiger Claw 30 Dragon Lady Permanent +8 Defense Lost
Totem.png Totem 26 none 7 Days Have Defense +2000 Rare
Treasure Map.png Treasure Map 18 none 3 Days +5% to Gold Production Common
Tribal Shield.png Tribal Shield 34 Grenadier 7 Days +8% Defense and -20% Speed Unique
Ultima Regis Ratio.png Ultima Regis Ratio 55 Schooner Permanent +10% Offense Rare
Veteran Parrot.png Veteran Parrot 24 Pirates 14 Days +7.5% Offence +10% Construction Common
Vile Brew.png Vile Brew 20 Marauder 7 Days +25% Speed -10% Capacity Common
Volley Gun.png Volley Gun 37 Cuirassier Permanent +8% Defense and -10% Offense Lost
Voodoo Doll.png Voodoo Doll 26 Skirmisher Permanent +4% Defense Unique
War Drums.png War Drums 30 Skirmisher 7 Days +8% Defense and -10% Offense Unique
Wineskin.png Wineskin 30 none 7 Days -5% to Rum Consumption Unique
Wood Axe.png Wood Axe 18 none 3 Days +5% to Lumber Production Common
Picture Name Level Unit Type Duration Effect Type