Reinforcing Units

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Reinforcing Units

Reinforcements are units sent by commanders to strengthen already existing forces in defending of sectors, deposits, and emitter arrays. However, they are also used for some other....creative things.

  • Reinforcing for Defensive Purposes

Either you or someone you know has an incoming enemy force on a raid or invasion. What do you do? Well, you can hide your troops away in a safe house or you can send them to the sector under attack and defend it from an army that could be comprised of one little cyberpuppy or an entire fleet of battle cruisers. That's the risk you have to take. Have enough reinforcements arrive in time to defend and you could be bathing in the blood of your enemies. Or, you could be taking the long, sad, lonely walk home, full of shame for underestimating the power of your adversary. Act wisely, commander!

  • Reinforcing for Trapping Purposes

Now we're getting into some interesting ground, commander. You know, or roughly know, how large of a force is attacking and you want to catch them by surprise. Only commanders who are willing to risk their troops more frivalently should try to attempt this.

For more information on trapping please see Deposit Trapping

  • Reinforcing for Guard Watching

Some commander reinforce sectors, deposits, and emitters just so that they can see who is snooping around. Usually there will only be a couple of units stationed there, letting someone else take the brunt of the defense or acting as sacrificial lambs jsut for the sake of getting accurate intelligence! You might say it is not worth it. Well, how much would be willing sacrifice to find out how large your enemy's army is?

  • Hourly costs for reinforcements

Others who reinforce your sector or controled deposit acrue the hourly credit upkeep cost as if their troops were at home. And vice versa, you are responsible for keeping up with the hourly costs associated with your troops you have reinforced with. The bottom line is the commander who owns the troops pays for his own.

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