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You can support your Shipmates by sending Reinforcements! Reinforcements help them defend themselves from enemy attacks. You can also receive Reinforcements from your Shipmates.

To send and receive Reinforcements, you need to discover Order of Battle and build the Pirate Stronghold.

You can send Reinforcements several different ways:

From the Map:

  1. Click «Map» in your Haven.
  2. Place your cursor over the Haven you want to send Reinforcements to.
  3. Click «Send Reinforcements» on the Haven menu.

From inside their Haven:

  1. Go to Haven of the player you want to send Reinforcements to.
  2. Choose «Send Reinforcements» from the «Actions» menu.

If you send Reinforcements, you do so at your own expense. This means that if you send Reinforcements to another Haven, you'll still have to spend Rum to support the Crew you've sent.