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Reconning in Soldier Inc is the simplest form of attack. There are only three things that effect the success or failure of a recon mission.

  1. Number of UAVs on both sides
  2. Number of Big Brothers on both sides
  3. Special Equipment Modifiers

Note: Contract upgrades have no effect on reconnaissance missions or a UAVs recon stat.

In most cases it comes down to a simple matter of whoever has the most UAVs wins. You should also note that in a recon mission the defender NEVER loses units no matter how bad the attacker wins. A success simply allows the attacker to see what is on the base. Win or lose, if there are UAVs out on the base the attacker will almost always lose UAVs. That is the cost of doing business, and raiders should factor that into how they spend their resources.

Combat Mechanics

Mechanics work much the same as normal combat except both sides use the recon stat.

Attacker Loss Percentage = Defenders Recon / Total Recon.

Conversely you can calculate the recon strength of a target in a failed recon by this formula:

Defenders Recon = (Attackers Recon / (1 - Attacker Loss Percentage)) - Attackers Recon

Note: This only works if you have troops come home alive. Don't expect to use this if you sent a single unit and it died.

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