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Everything you wanted to know about Rankings!

In regards to the occupation rankings it is crucial to know the following:

For every occupied base you receive a certain amount of ranking points, for example, let's say you earn 300 Experience Points (XP) therefore after occupying 100 bases you will get 300x100 = 30 000 ranking points.

For every lost base(when your occupation is taken down by another player), you would lose the same 300 points (not actual numbers).

So in theory, after occupying 800 bases in a week you would earn: 800x300 = 240 000 ranking points. However, let's say you have lost one hundred occupations, transferring this to ranking points would be equal to 300x100 = 30 000 points. Your total occupation points for this week would be: 240 000 - 30 000 = 210 000.

Be advised Commander, every Monday at 07.00h UTC the rankings are RESET!

This means that instead of 210 000 points you had, you are left with a ZERO, but since you continue to keep losing some of the bases to other players, you ranking points go into decline(minus 300 points for every lost occupation). 

Due to the great amount of occupied bases you had, your ranking might have gone into a decline(displayed as a 0).

To avoid this, you need to remove your occupying troops yourself right after the Rankings get reset (We recommend you do so in the first 10 minutes after the reset, the faster you do,the lower your decline is going to be).

Last point - if you re-occupy the same base twice in the same calendar week before the rankings are reset, you will not get any more occupation points for that occupation.