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Raiding requires no great skill, just a little pracitce and attention to the small print. In order for any Lord to dominate their empire, raid ability is a must have skill.


Raiding (farming) unprotcted Castles is not a skill and careful, mindful work will bring it's rewards. Gaining experience points (XP), is a neccessary evil, and basically requires only a greater, stronger army than your enemy. The unknown factor in attacking, is your targets Lost Arts level which enhances there abilities, if there are defensive units or offensive units or indeed both. Safest bet is to assume that the target's troops are all at the maximum of level 20 for Lost Arts. This is important due to the fact that Reinforcing units units will pretty much an unknown factor.

Non Player Targets
Balur has a variation of units, and only the troop numbers count. There are no upgrades to units at any Settlement or Beacon raids - one size fits all. Different unit types do have different strengths, so some calculation is still involved.


Of course the goal is to defeat your opponent and gather resources. However, the game is not completely black and white, there are many considerations to take into account. League stratergy and targetting to control an area are jsut some of the potentila 'gambits' to be toyed wtih.

  • Resources: 10 raids per day is the maximum a player can send and still recieve resources. Any further raids will result in a zero resource gain.
  • Experience points (XP): killing your enemies troups will gain experience points. XP is generally based on the amount of units you kill, and the type of units. the more food they consume, the more XP is attributed.

Contolling an area takes care and effort, and sometimes help with regards to 'farming' higher level players that have quit the game. Especially since you may have wiped the defenses out and have made way for anyone and every one to feed off these grazing grounds too.

  • Guards: You could just risk an all out defence of your farms, but far better, is to get to know your enemy.
    • A Silent One or two, is enough to detur a lot of players from checking further which could ensure that the proverbial 'cupboared' is always full. Also it give a clue as to activity, potential threats and generally adds to your inteligence gathering.


  • Resaerch: Guarding with Silent Ones or even a few troops is one thing, but why not take it up a notch. A dormant spy (single archer, pike or wraith), will also give you an insight into who raids and when and with what type of units. Data from such missions will give you various tactical advantages. Wraith can be the best unit for such missions as it cannot easily be determined whether they are raised from the crypt or not. Varying the unit type and qauntity will also give the appearance of activity if you can afford the losses and or time.
  • Effectiveness: Depends on whether you have enough time to gather resources and/or ware you opponents down.
    • Time: If time is an issue then just the best raids in you can and be grateful for what you can get.
    • Spread sheet (SS): Use any intel or data you can by what ever means; spying, making allies and chatting to them to assess threats and keep a spread sheet of who does what, when and how.


  • Data corruption: Sending 215 Great Lords, or 33 Dragons will bring back 50k resources. However, sending a hotchpotch of enough or abundance of units when farming possibly guarded castles or besiged castles, will make your oppnents intel less effective, and at worse you may appear to be a noob, so make sure your own castle has back up defenses. Sendign out a few Silent Ones in Hotchpotch raids adds to the confusion too.
  • Efficencey: Low level players especially will find it very useful to use defense troops to farm undefended castles. Make sure such raids are against inactive players.

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