Raiding Sectors

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Raiding other player's Sectors is definitely the most satisfying way to earn extra Resources in the game. To conduct a Raid, choose the number and type of Troops you want to send. If your Raid is successful, you will seize a certain number of Resources. The amount of Resources seized depends on the carrying capacity the Troops that survived the Raid. After the Raid your you will receive a report from your Combat Advisor detailing the number of casualties and the amount of Resources your Troops return to your Sector.

You can perform 10 Raid attempts every 2.5 hours. Any additional Raids in excess of the allotted 10 will not result in an any acquired resources. You can view the current number of Raids available at the Command Center ("Contacts" tab) or on the Map by positioning your mouse on other player's Sector. After you've reached the daily Raid limit, you can still send your Troops to raid other Sectors, but they won't seize any more Resources. You can capture no more than 50% of the enemy's Warehouse capacity in, and 5% of captured Resources will be subtracted as the cost of the Raid. If the Sector has already been raided to its limit by other players, or the amount of Resources in Warehouse is less than 50% of its capacity, the Raider will get 5% of Resources stored in Warehouse at the time of the Raid.

A Raid can be performed in 3 ways:

From the Map:

  1. Click «Map» in your Sector.
  2. Hover the mouse over the Sector you want to raid.
  3. Choose «Raid» on the Sector menu.

From inside the enemy's Sector:

  1. Go visit the Sector of the player you want to raid.
  2. Choose «Raid» on «Actions» menu.

From the Command Center:

  1. Go to your Command Center.
  2. Open «Send» tab.
  3. Choose «Raid» in the action list.
  4. Click «Raid».