Raiding Sectors

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Raiding other player's Sectors is definitely the most satisfying way to earn extra Resources in the game. To conduct a Raid, choose the number and type of Troops you want to send. If your Raid is successful, you will seize a certain number of Resources. The amount of Resources seized depends on the carrying capacity the Troops that survived the Raid. After the Raid your you will receive a report from your Combat Advisor detailing the number of casualties and the amount of Resources your Troops return to your Sector.

You can perform 10 Raid attempts every 2.5 hours. Any additional Raids in excess of the allotted 10 will not result in an any acquired resources. You can view the current number of Raids available at the Command Center ("Contacts" tab) or on the Map by positioning your mouse on other player's Sector. After you've reached the daily Raid limit, you can still send your Troops to raid other Sectors, but they won't seize any more Resources. You can capture no more than 50% of the enemy's Warehouse capacity in, and 5% of captured Resources will be subtracted as the cost of the Raid. If the Sector has already been raided to its limit by other players, or the amount of Resources in Warehouse is less than 50% of its capacity, the Raider will get 5% of Resources stored in Warehouse at the time of the Raid.

A Raid can be performed in 3 ways:

From the Map:

  1. Click «Map» in your Sector.
  2. Hover the mouse over the Sector you want to raid.
  3. Choose «Raid» on the Sector menu.

From inside the enemy's Sector:

  1. Go visit the Sector of the player you want to raid.
  2. Choose «Raid» on «Actions» menu.

From the Command Center:

  1. Go to your Command Center.
  2. Open «Send» tab.
  3. Choose «Raid» in the action list.
  4. Click «Raid».

How often can I raid?

You may raid as often as you like, depending upon how many raid points you have. Raid points cap at 10 after 24 hours of no raiding. Once you raid and the number of raid points is below 10, it will start replenishing raid points at a rate of 1 every 2.5 hours. So, technically, in a 24 hour period you could raid up to 19 times if you started with all 10 raid points and used up the replenished raid points accrued during that time period.

Limits to Raids

You are limited to 50,000 resource points between Credits, Titanium, and Uranium per sector raided. If the sector you raided recieves any resources from you from a raid or any other means, you may raid up to the amount that they took from you, but never to exceed the balance of 50,000 in your favor.

Who should I raid?

This is subjectable to commanders. Most commanders want to raid what is termed "Farms". Farms are sectors that put up little to no defense and yield higher amount of resources per raid. Most farms are what commanders deem to be dead sectors. Dead sectors are those that have been abandoned by their cowardly or feeble commanders who no longer wish to fight or dominate our world. Many commanders lay claim to these farms and defend them aggressively from those who would encroach on their sources of income. It is good advice to be wary of where you raid. You might get alot more than you bargained for from that farm you just plundered. The last thing any new commander needs is a powerful and ruthless veteran commander angry at them.

Once you have a farm of your own, so to say, your best course of action is to keep all of its resources to yourself by simply keeping it as empty as possible. If another commander raids "your farm" and it yields little to no resources, then they are less likely to raid it again any time soon. Just remember that a smart commander recons a farm sector before raiding it if he is unsure who owns it.

Some commanders take extra steps to watch over their farms. Once you have successfully raided your farm, invade it with some troops. Most commanders send minimal troop amounts to watch over the farm, such as easily replaceble Cyberdogs, Gladiators, Cyborgs, or Recon Drones. This way, if another comander recons or attacks the farm, you will know about it and can take the proper steps to either ensure there are not resources there for the other commander to raid or catch that commander in an ambush with sending massive amounts of defensive troops to wipe out his raiding party. Even bolder commanders will send their own attack force to catch the offending commander off guard once his raiders return to their home sector. This is one of the most satisfying things a commander can experience. Wipe out your opponent's attack force and they can't raid again for some time!