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Welcome to the most annoying Trick for players that leave a little bit of defense in a castle/settlement.

I wrote a few times about my trick to not lose a single troop when attacking/raiding a castle that has a little bit of defense. But also, this trick can be use to minimize or avoid losses for expensive troops.

Here's the short version:

   I evaluate the castle has 50k in defensive points, I send 950k in offensive points, that makes me evaluate that I will win the battle by 95%, making me lose 5% of each unit group. 
   5% = 5 / 100. Divide 100 by 5 and you get 20, or 1/20. Therefore if I send 20 of each, I will lose 1 of each. If I send 19, I won't lose one. I will send 18 of each to be safe. ;-) 

Does that make sense? Without any alcohol in your system? ;-)

Here's a detailed explanation.

First, calculate the amount of defensive points, maximum, a target will have, including the castle defense bonus and maximize the Lost Arts, in order to have a worst case scenario.

   For example: 500 dwarves are in the castle with a level 1 fortification and a castle skin of 1500. 
   500 dwarves at level 20 = 21,000 maximum defensive points + roughly 3,000 castle defense points (which will add another 30% to the dwarves, for a maximum potential of roughly 27,000 defensive points.

Second, understand the battle formula: Offensive Points of the attacker + Defensive points of the defender = = Total Points of the Battle, or Battle Total.

The winner of the battle is the one with the highest percentage of the battle.

  • Offensive Points divided by the Battle Total = % of the battle for the attacker
  • Defensive Points divided by the Battle Total = % of the battle for the defender

Third, evaluate how many offensive points you can or should send. Always try to send above 10 times the potential defense.

   In my example, I see that I can easily send 273k in offensive points, which will give a battle total of 300k. Which means I will win the battle at least by 91%, therefore the defender will lose by 9%. 

Fourth, evaluate your potential losses. Each UNIT GROUP will lose a quantity of troops equivalent to the percentage of the target battle result.

   In my example, the target battle result is 9%, so each of my unit group will lose 9% of its quantity. If you send 100 normal dragons, you will lose 9. 

Fifth, evaluate the quantity per unit group you can send.

   In my example, the game makes you lose 9% per UNIT GROUP. So, if you only send 100 normal dragons, you will lose 9.
   Unit group = the type of each unit. Normal Dragon, Imperial Dragon, Dark Dragon, Eldritch Dragon, those are different unit groups. 
   9 / 100 is the same as 1 / 11. 9 divided by 100 = 0.09. Do the reverse, 100 divided by 9 = 11.11. 1 divided by 11.11 = 0.09. So, 9 / 100 = 1 / 11. 
   My point here is that you take 100, divide it by the target's loss (without the percentage) and that will tell you how many you need to send of each to lose one of each. 
   In my example, 100 divided by 9 = 11. If you send 11 of each you will lose 1 of each. Send less, 10, or 9 of each to be safe and you won't lose a single one.

Sixth, what if you cannot achieve a Zero-Loss Victory, what can you send to minimize losses?

When I see a target, castle or settlement, with a bit more D that I can - or care to - send O against, I will usually send all my cheaper troops, infantry and cavalry, and send only X of each Occult and Bestiary groups, to avoid losses of these more expensive troops.

The main difference here is that I will select my entire army, and then select 9 of each Occult and Bestiary groups, and then see my Offensive total.

I will then calculate my Battle Total the same, and if I see that I will win the battle by more than 91%, I'm safe to send 9 of each. But if I will win by more than 95%, I can send more of each Occult and Bestiary groups.

But sometimes, even for tougher battles, even if you expect to win only by 70%, you can send 3 of each safely, it will lower the losses of your smaller troops.

Suggestion: Have as many unit groups as possible.

If you are in a beacon league, don't darken every Occults and Bestiary; keep some regular ones. If you have some Sapphires, don't hesitate to build a few imperial ones.

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