Radar ZHG Tab

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Radar - ZHG Tab

  1. Defensive Missions are in Green. Recommend not sending offensive units to these
  2. Offensive Missions are in Red. Recommend not sending defensive units to these
  3. [New] Missions have level indicators. These are rough guides only but will give you and idea of how many more enemy troops you have to remove before completing the mission based on what you've already done.
  4. The magnifying glass will take you to the location on the world map, though this is not necessary for engaging the mission.
  5. The level of the location is another rough estimate of troop strength. Expect near exponential growth in troop numbers as you engage higher levels.
  6. Map cordianates and distance from your base. Distance to the location determines time necessary to attack it.
  7. Click the target button to attack and offensive target.
  8. Click the shield button to send forces to intercept attacking ZHG units at defensive targets.

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