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Be advised that our Stalker allies were decimated during Operation: SAFARI. They managed to defeat Morgana’s latest pet abomination, but not before it had driven them from their camps and out into the Wasteland. Be on the lookout for allied forces seeking shelter in the Wastelands. They may need our assistance.

All Commanders are advised to participate in a voluntary rescue operation. Participating Commanders will have the opportunity to receive Units, special items, new game features, and Protocrystals – a unique Resource which can be used to purchase the Modules required to train new Xenotype Units. Once you have collected sufficient Protocrystals, go to the Black Market, open the “Protocrystals” tab and select an item you wish to purchase.

You can only earn Protocrystald by attacking or defending Infested Sites during active Global Operations. You cannot purchase them using Titanium, Uranium, Credits or Crystals. You also cannot exchange them or send them as a gift to other players. Other players can't raid Protocrystals from your Sector. You can use Protocrystals to purchase unique Modules, which are required to train Xenotype Units and other game features. Once you have collected enough Protocystals:

  1. Go to the Black Market
  2. Open the Protocrystals tab
  3. Select an item you wish to purchase.

Check the Black Market to view the full list of items and Sector improvements you are able to purchase.

Not enough Protocrystals in your account?! Participate in Global Operations to earn more Protocrystals.

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