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Warning: The following section and contract links contain spoilers to the mission storyline.

Project Torchlight is a winding storyline intended to direct the player and give focus and purpose to being a Commander of a Syndicate base in the conflict of Zandia. The series of side missions consists of 24 contracts that unravel a mysterious conspiracy and challenge, scaling in difficulty from very easy to extremely difficult. The last few missions can be considered by many as 'end game' style quests requiring massive amounts of time, building, planning and strategy to complete.

Rewards come in the form of quest advancement as subsequent missions unlock and rare, elite Syndicate and strategic units for the player to use.

Enemies Encountered

Enemies encountered are always your standard mixed bag of Zheng Shi forces consisting of varying quantities of Tiger Commando, Roughneck Heavy Infantry, Dingo Armor and Jackal Combat Aviation.


Contract Contract Overview
Coloniel Waiguru Informants have spotted the traitorous Waiguru traveling with a ZHG expeditionary force near your position
Emilio Tessinger Krieger is reportedly using the current conflict to continue his experiments on Zandian civilians
Early Retirement Oscar Ramirez has been useful, but now he's become a liability
Loose Cannon Zoran Todorović, is attempting to buy ZHG incendiary munitions for use against civilian populations in the Balkans
Good Samaritan Sources indicate Bertha Singer is operating a large-scale network trafficking human organs to elite clients
Recover and Eliminate Dorje Gyadatsang was responsible for dumping a genetically modified strain of cholera in the water supply
A Day Late and a Dollar Short Christine Quinn, daughter of Excellia CEO Phillip Quinn, was kidnapped by one Walter Radeski from a nightclub
Inside Job Get to Brikan Talaat before the ZHG and bring him in for interrogation
Collateral Damage Clear out the escort, stop the truck, and retrieve the ZHG bioresearch subsidiary shipment at any cost
Mixed Signals Cyberwarfare specialist Yun Lee has compromised the entire Syndicate comm network
Blame No One Eliminate all resistance and extract the civilians located in a ZHG Facility
Imminent Threat A preemptive strike against Gen. Zhang Mae's combined forces has been authorized
On The Run Intercept and capture Mohammad Al Tarem at a specific meeting point before ZHG can recruit him
Extreme Prejudice Al Tarem survived; re-engage with lethal force and collect a tissue sample for DNA confirmation
Plausible Deniability Stage a targeted assassination attempt against agent Black and his ZHG unit to provide escape
Dangerous Liaisons Take out all ZHG forces and bring the targets in alive for interrogation
Ghosts Counter attack an unknown Commander who has taken out eleven contractor bases in the last week
Old Friends Clear out a ZHG site and meet Echo in person
Revelations Deal with the incoming ZHG force while Agent Black secures a new hostage
A Change of Plans Eliminate an high profile CEO, before he links up with Zheng Shi.
Loose Ends Eliminate Victor Woo to tie up loose ends for Agent Black
Project Torchlight Retrieve a genetic clone for further testing and development
Playing God Eliminate the imposter and save the real target
Unfortunate Casualties Launch an all-out frontal assault on a fortified ZHG Headquarters, with unfortunate casualties expected

Battle Mechanics

The battles are treated the same way as Search & Destroy missions and use the Search & Destroy battle mechanics when determining the outcome, experience and surviving units for the player. Although the site names may change, they are treated just like the random S&D sites with no special bonuses applied to the ZHG units. Some site names are unique to the campaign and are only available during playthrough.

Note: That once you beat a contract you can advance to the next level, provided you meet the prerequisites to unlock subsequent missions. The remaining mission can be completed at any time by visiting the Syndicate Contracts tab in your Radar. Once completed, the mission cannot be replayed and is no longer available for selection or browsing.

  • Update July 07 2015: From now on it will take your troops ONLY 1 minute to travel to Search and Destroy Locations.

Distance is not a factor.

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