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Prizes are locations on the Sea Map that have been captured by King Carlos-Ferdinand IV's forces or are under threat of imminent attack be the Spanish fleet.

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By attacking or defending these Prizes you can:

- Earn Pearls to perform occult rituals at the Witch-doctor's Hut

- Earn Experience Points

- Liberate friendly Units

- Recover additional Resources


There are two types of Prizes -- Offensive and Defensive. Send Offensive Units to seize Offensive Prizes (highlighted red in your Lighthouse or when you place your cursor over it in the Map).

Send Defensive crew to capture Defensive Prizes (highlighted green in your Lighthouse or when you place your cursor over it in the Map).

The battle for a Prize begins immediately upon your Units' arrival at the Prize's coordinates. None of your Units will stay to garrison a prize; all surviving Units will return to their Haven immediately following each engagement. The location is destroyed after you have successfully destroyed all enemy forces.

You will receive additional pearls to apply at the Witch Doctor's Hut ONLY be completing the next maximum Prize level -- you may choose either Offensive or Defensive, but will receive Pearls only for the option you select.

Prize Strength Indicators

Hold your cursor over a Prize on the Map to see its strength indicators and available actions. You can view the Level of the Prize and its Current Strength, dispatch a force to attack or defend it, or return to the 'Prizes' tab at your Lighthouse interface from this menu.

From within your Haven, go to your Lighthouse and open the 'Prizes' tab to view all available Prizes. Upgrading the Lighthouse has no effect on the number of detected Prizes, but will allow you to detect more Prizes on the Map.


You mist build the Lighthouse in order to detect Prizes around your Haven.

The Lighthouse gives you information about:

- New Prizes spawning around your Haven

- Level and Current Strength of Prize locations

- Locations and management options for Targets

All detected Prizes can be found in the Lighthouse on the 'Prizes' tab. Upgrading the lighthouse has no effect on the number of detected Prizes, but will allow you to detect more Targets on the Map.


Prize Bonuses are based on a few different variables. The value of the Units, Resources, or items that you receive is roughly proportioned to the combined Resource value of the units you've lost when fighting Prizes.

That value may be subject to a Bonus multiplier, (offering you more or higher-level bonus units, Resources, or special game items), and also a chance of landing on "no Bonus". Each time you don't get a Bonus, your previous "winnings" that weren't paid out are carried over to the calculation on the next higher level you engage.

Every Prize you win increases the odds of receiving a payout - so don't give up!

If you get frustrated, remember that these missions are optional - you may prefer taking your chances in open battle.