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The information contained on this page is a composite of both officially released information and information gleaned from hundreds of battle results on all Plarium games. Understand that Plarium will not release the full algorithm. Nor are we likely to figure out the algorithm 100%. Part of the fun of playing these is simply that we don't know all the details. That said, Prizes are not a game requirement. You do not have to play them and you can easily lose your entire army even if you think you've done everything right. They are not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be quite substantial if you keep at it.

Prizes:Tips and FAQ

Defensive Prizes

Defensive Prizes are the easiest to do since you can find out exactly what troops are in them, simply send 1 unit and you will get a full report. I can now decide what units I should be sending to the Prize.

Offensive Prizes

Offensive Prizes work differently to Defensive Prizes, you can’t simply send in 1 unit and see what is defending; you have to send in a small force and then try and calculate it depending on what you kill. Please note, it has to be large enough to kill something, you want to be able to see the kill spread in the report.

How to determine your rewards?

Prizes work on a loss to rewards basis, the more units (resources) you lose the better the rewards you get out of them. And depending on what units you lose, this will determine what units you will get back for your reward. If you are looking to get a defence unit reward, then you want to lose units that cost a lot of GOLD. If you're looking to get a return of offensive troops then you want to lose units that cost a lot of LUMBER and not a lot of GOLD.

I did not get a reward. Why?

If you don't get a reward after winning a Prize, your chances of winning on the next one is increased. In other words if you keep attacking Prizes, you will eventually see a reward.

Are the rewards the same for the defensive Prizes?

The rewards are exactly like the offensive Prizes. Same algorithm. It doesn't even look at what unit-type your attacking with when calculating the rewards, just the combined resource value (Rum, Gold, Lumber) of the units lost during the attack. However, seeing as how defensive units are generally less expensive per unit, you'll probably need more of them to get the same value - so take that into account.

For example:

1 Submarine = 1500 Lumber + 3700 Gold + 2300 Rum = Total Value: 7500

1 Ship Of The Line = 9500 Lumber + 5700 Gold+ 3800 Rum = Total Value: 19,000

So you'd need to lose about 2.5 Submarines to get the same reward calculation input earned from losing 1 Ship Of The Line - this will mean that for the NUMBER of units, the payout will seem smaller, but if you look at home much you're spending on these units overall - it's the same.

I stuck with the Defensive/Offensive Prizes. What can I do?

First of all, the mechanics try to make you have the same number of attacking and defensive Prizes total (out of 24 possible), so the type of any next Prize will be the type with the least number of active Prizes. Then, it checks if you have the max possible level of this type... if you don't, then it adds one as a Quest Prize. If you do, it will add a non-Quest Prize with some random level.

EXAMPLE: This user is stuck with only a Defensive Prize Mission to select, and doesn't have the defensive forces to expend. He wants to get the option of hitting an Offensive Mission.


"I just want to make sure I get this right, to get my 'choice' of missions. I need 12 of each to show up to get the choice? so, being on a Defensive only Prize now, I should go to 13 Defensive, 11 Offensive then finish the Defensive 'Prize'. This will make me 12 and 12, giving the choice?"

Answer 1: You have 12 attacking and 12 defensive and the highest level is only defensive if you kill that, it will give you another highest level defensive Prize. If you kill offensive, it will add you another highest level (mission) offensive Prize. So - yes keep knocking down offensive NON-Quest ones and you'll get the option to go after a Quest offensive one. Do that, and you should start getting more offensive Prizes ones. That should tip it back.

Answer 2 (short): Don't go after the defensive one. Knock out a low-level offensive site and you should have the option pop up next to the existing defensive Prize one. If you want to get offensive missions, keep hitting offensive. If you want defensive, keep hitting defensive. If you want to switch, hit low level sites of the category you want.