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There are three primary Resources in the game :

Primary Resources

Primary Resource Usage and Acquisition

Primary resources can be gather in seven different ways :

  • 1 Hourly production from generators
  • 2 Successful Raids
  • 3 Direct Galley exchanges with friends
  • 4 Galley exchanges via the Port
  • 5 Colonies
  • 6 Direct Purchases via the Market
  • 7 Sometimes they are randomly awarded as part of Persian Position rewards

Primary resources are required to construct buildings, update agreements, and produce standard troops. 50% of your bronze and timber production accumulates on the respective resource buildings and must be manually transferred to storage. Failing to empty your generators will reduce your production by 50% for those resources. Grain production is not affected by this mechanism.

Your per hour production of bronze and timber is affected by the level of your generator buildings, boosts from related buildings; the Temples of Hephaestus and Pan, and temporary boosts from the Market.

Grain production receives similar boosts but rather than being a straight production, is a balance between constant consumption and production. Every unit in your City uses a certain amount of resources. This amount can be reduced via the Temple of Demeter, and through the appropriate upgrade in the Academy.

Any amount of resource you gain above your current storage capacity is lost. This is especially important when dealing with high level Persian Position sites as they can sometimes reward up to maximum possible capacity of a resource at once.

Resource Management

The largest determining factor in how successful a Archon is depends on how well the Archon can manage his resources. An Archon who keeps too many resources on hand risks losing them to raiders. An Archon who always uses up every last resource risks having enough flexibility to react to the battlefields around him. The smart Archon, or rather the Archon left standing, is the one who finds the correct balance of resources to keep his army moving, growing, and strong.

* Resource Procurement Archons who rely on their own generators to provide them with resources are limited in growth. There is a very finite rate of replenishment to resources within Cities. However, through raiding, capturing additional colonies, and trading, any Archon can increase the procurement levels of his resources enough to keep up with the tides of battle.

* Resource Trading All Archons would love to receive more than what they give up. It is understandable. However, the wise Archon will know that by sweetening the deal for the other Archon, it will hasten a trade and keep the flow of resources coming. The result is two content Archons who got what they needed and made some room in their Warehouses and Granaries, lessening the likelihood of raiders getting wind of their capacities being bulked up.

* Resource Spending Resources are there to be spent and used. But, a careful and wise Archon will know where to spend those resources and when. There are troops to train. Units to train. Agreements to update. But what gets to be done first? This depends on the foresight of a Archon. Some Archons want immediate results. Some Archons are content to take it slower. Depending on what you wish to do, Archon, you will either want to train troops or wait and spend those resources on research and development.

It is debatable amongst Archons which is the best route to take. Troops that are already trained and battle ready get the same boost to research at a later time when it is completed rather than those who are trained after the research is completed. They result in exactly the same unit when it is all said and done.

Auto Purchase Option

Auto Purchase option

The work of re-purchasing a Boost using your Drachmas is a job for scribes and servants, not true warriors!

From now on, you can choose to have your Resource Production Boosts be repurchased automatically as long as you have the Drachmas for it. If you run out of Drachmas, you will be notified and the Boost will not be reacquired.

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