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Potions are mixtures what can grant vitality and vigor to the Offensive and Defensive statistics of your Units when activated at the Alchemist's Shop. These will work in tandem with all other upgrades, pearls, and other items currently affecting your units.

Mixing Potions

You can increase the size and potency of your Potions by combining any two of the same level and type, thus granting you a new Potion of a higher level. By repeating this process, you can upgrade Potions up to a maximum Level of 12. The higher the level of the Potion, the better the bonus it will grant to your forces once activated.

Acquiring Potions

You can receive Barrels with Potions by:

  1. Purchasing them at the Smuggler's Den from the "Misc." tab;
  2. Participating in Global Quests;
  3. Challenging other Brotherhoods;
  4. Participating in the PvP Quest;
  5. Attacking or defending Prizes;
  6. Other game interactions.

All Potion Barrels acquired will be sent to Storage at the Alchemist's Shop, where you can open them and collect your Potions.

To use and store Potions you must first build the Alchemist's Shop. All Potions gained in the game are put in Storage at your Alchemist's Shop. To view a Potion's attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To activate a Potion, simply place it into any open Activation Slot on the Activation Board. Potions are permanent bonuses, and will work until you decide to remove them. 

Once applied, you can only safely remove Potions and move them back to Storage with the help of a special tool: the Coil. Use care, me buckos – for each Coil will be destroyed following the successful removal of a Potion.

View the newest entries on Potions and the Alchemist's Shop in the game guide for more information – but first, build the Alchemist's Shop and begin collecting Potions!

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