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Game hints

How to survive being raided or blockaded 

There are several ways to survive an incoming attack

The most obvious way is not always the best way. To defend your Haven. Early in the game, your defense may not be strong enough to withstand an attack. To combat this, there are two very simple techniques. First, in case of a raid, be sure that you *spend down. After you have completed securing your resources, send you troops to reinforce a *Non Combatant Haven. This action will save your troops and your resources (less 5%) from being lost. Second, in case of a blockade, follow the above procedure, but it is not necessary to *spend down. Once you have been blockaded, you can recall your troops and liberate yourself and win the day.

The alternative to the above scenario is to send your troops on a raid of their own. Be sure that your troops return after the attack on your Haven has taken place. This is easily determined by the rate of speed your slowest troop travels divided by the distance, then multiplied by 2. (Don't forget there is a return trip).

  • Spend Down: To spend or use your resources so that less then 50% of the maximum your Haven can hold remains.
  • Non Combatant Haven: any white flag Haven below level 9.