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Partnership provides you a means of teaming up with individual players that share your mutual interests. These cooperative agreements provide the two partners with accelerated reinforcement and resource transfer speeds. It also affords the partners the opportunity to receive reports detailing pvp battle reports from the other player. Be forewarned that should your partner turn on you, they will have a wealth of information at their disposal, they will be able to see exactly what targets you scout, how many troops you have on base, etc. Extend your trust wisely.

You must have a Joint Ops Center built in order to use partnerships. Upgrading the Joint Ops Center increases the number of partnerships available up to a maximum of 6.

From the Map:

  • Click «Map» in your Base.
  • Position the cursor over the Base of the player with whom you wish to become Partner with.
  • Click «Offer Partnership» on Base menu.

From their Base:

  • Go to the Base of the player you want to become Partner with.
  • Choose «Form Parnership» from the «Actions» menu.

From your Joint Ops Center:

  • Go to your Joint Ops Center.
  • Click «Form Partnership».
  • Choose the player from the list window.

The other Player must accept your offer before you will become Partners. Alternatively other players may offer Partnerships to you which you may accept through your Joint Ops Center's Partnerships tab.

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