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You can become Shipmates with other Captains by offering them an Accord for them to accept. If they do, you become Shipmates. Being Shipmates comes with certain benefits - Reinforcements and Galleons travel faster between your Havens. To form Brotherhoods, build a Brethren Court. Your Envoy will report new offers and inform you every time a Brotherhood has been formed or terminated. You can become Shipmates in the following ways: From the Map: 1. Click «Map» in your Haven. 2. Position the cursor over the Haven of the Captain with whom you wish to become Shipmates with. 3. Click «Parley» from the Haven menu. From their Haven: 1. Go to the Haven of the Captain you want to become Shipmates with. 2. Choose «Parley» from the «Actions» menu. From your Brethren Court: 1. Go to the Brethren Court. 2. Click «Parley». 3. Choose the Captain from the list window. 4. Click «Offer Accord». You can't raid your Shipmates' Havens, however you can raid any Targets they currently control. (Do this at the risk of breaking your Accord!)