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A Pirates life fer me, a Pirate's Life fer ye!

Ye know that the freedom of the seven seas comes with a price and it be a price we all be willing to accept as fair! I been thinking that ye scurvy dogs of skulduggery may be interested in what I be up to in me daily life, so here be a snippet of me day fer ye all!

Well first I be awaken to the gentle rise of the tide rockin' me bow and a smile always be comin' to me face as I start t' think about those less fortunate than I. ye know 'em – those trapped fools in the 9-5 offices with mortgages and bills! Not fer us, and not fer me! A pirate's life indeed!

Next I be needen some grub … rum or two, she will do! Now I be awake and feelin' free … kick the crew, be time to set sail me thinks fer I love nothing better than the wind in me sails as the crew drop the lines and nets fer the catch o' the day! Always a surprise, always a delight, ye never know what ye be gettin' as a gift from the sea!

And then sometime later, hard t' be sure I usually be lookin' fer a haven or two t' raid. I love t' be on the swell of the tide and the freedom of the oceans and seas,but it be necessary t' keep me crew at the ready fer blood and victory – all we piratin' folk be needin' gold of course!

Well another raid, another prize and some more fear shared with the Spaniards! Not be a bad booty I must say, but now I be needin' some more crew, so off t' the Black market fer me!

Now I be readin' yer messages and dealin' with ye issues, yer not a bad lot, as Pirates do go, so this chore be not a bore! Aye, I be agreein' with ye – cleanin' yer cache be annoyin' as hell – but we need to be startin somewhere brothers and sisters!

Well the sun be high, the wind be low, time fer a kip on one of them vacant little havens that been abandoned … I love a good besieging indeed … and it give the crew somethin' to do while I sleep … lookin' fer more rum and gold that be!

Alright, ok, away with ye and me! The wind be up, the sun be not so high and I feel like I need to fly, off with the Dutchman for a spin and see what we can see! That, on the horizon starboard be the prize! A Spanish fleet be trying t' sneak past us! Off we go and seize what we need! A pirates life fer me!

Ah them thar Spaniards, they make me laugh and laugh! Funny clothes and hair, but not fer me, and not fer ye! Well we be full of Spanish gold and besieged rum and wood, back t' the haven it must be! A spot of dinner, spit roasted pig and rum fer the crew tonight, a grand and merry day fer we must celebrate the victories and the crew we lost today … a drink fer every single one of them indeed! Well I be signin' off now fer I think this here shin-dig be endin' in the wee hours of the morn!

Back t' ye, how do ye all spend yer piratin' days?