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Operation Repossessed


Operation Repossessed

Date of Contract

November 14, 2013

Point of Contact

Yuri Granin

Mission Information

Mission Text



Hello Commanders. Most of you know who I am… the media likes to tell their stories, da? For the rest of you, my name is Yuri Granin. I, like you, am a simple soldier and small businessman, and would like to offer you a job. Do well, and maybe many jobs - ok?

The Zheng Shi Holdings Group has failed to abide by an agreement they made with me and my associates. We delivered a shipment of arms, munitions, and military supplies on time, and at the location requested. What does ZHG do? They raid my plane, take the shipment, and don’t pay me. Me? I don’t like to hold grudge - my wife, she says it’s bad for my ulcer - but I will need my merchandise back if they will not pay. If some of them die in the process, maybe they will be better businessmen in future.

Attack ZHG locations, and bring me back what is mine in two weeks. These men must learn why we all have to honor our agreements.

Mission Objectives

Attack or Defend ZHG Locations to recover Yuri's Arms Containers. Recover enough Arms Containers in time to win a reward.

Standard Zheng Shi conquest through Search & Destroy Missions will retrieve a scalable amount of Global Contract items.

Global Contract Items

Arms Containers

Arms Containers


Rewards may include:

Completion Text