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Operation Field Trials


Operation Field Training

Date of Contract

February 25, 2014

Point of Contact

Yuri Granin

Mission Information

Mission Text



This job I think you will all like! We've made revolutionary new barrel design – 150,000 round lifetime! Been shooting all day – grouping is still perfect! Hey! Nikolai! Stop dropping target - hold it steady! See? Legendary Granin quality! Haha! Ok Nikolai – take a break!

So Commanders – now we are ready for field trials! Very simple – I give every tenth man in your forces my new design. My technicians observe while you try out new toys on Zheng Shi locations, and we record battle data on USB drives. You bring me enough data to approve production, and I give you payment, along with special bonus: new training programs for your Training Center! Now go - I want my data in two weeks.

All USB Drives will be forwarded to the Syndicate and applied toward the total required for mission completion. Contract compensation will be distributed among all participating Commanders according to the number of USB Drives each Commander collects.

Mission Objectives

Attack or Defend ZHG Locations to recover USB Hard Drives. Recover enough USB Drives by the end of the Contract to earn a reward.

Standard Zheng Shi conquest through Search & Destroy Missions will retrieve a scalable amount of Global Contract items.

Global Contract Items

USB Drives

USB Drives


Rewards may include:

Completion Text