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Operation Extraction


Operation Extraction

Date of Contract

March 21, 2014

Point of Contact

Yuri Granin

Mission Information

Mission Text



Bastards! These ZHG CENSORED are terrorists and cowards! Every one of my partners here was attacked last night! Zheng Shi slaughtered civilian contractors and soldiers – anyone associated with me and the Ares Corporation. Many are still missing, friends of mine, comrades – good men, every one of them. They think they can intimidate Yuri Granin?! I will burn them to the ground! But no, first we get my people out; I will not let them rot in ZHG interrogation cells – but I promise you, I will get my revenge. Go, kill these CENSORED, and bring me back my men!

Mission Objectives

Attack or Defend ZHG Locations to rescue Ares Corporation Soldiers. Save enough Soldiers by the end of the Contract to earn a reward.

Standard Zheng Shi conquest through Search & Destroy Missions will retrieve a scalable amount of Global Contract items.

Global Contract Items

Captured Soldiers


Rewards may include:

Completion Text