Operation Dirty War:SI

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Dirty War


Dirty War

Date of Contract

June 26, 2014

Point of Contact


Mission Information

Mission Text


Listen! We know their plan! Zheng Shi wants to frame me and the Syndicate all at once. You have heard the rumor that I have nuclear weapon. This is not true... but I did, at one point, have several kilograms of low-grade uranium. I sold it years ago to very reliable customer… who sold it to ZHG. It’s useless for warhead – but enough for few dirty bombs.

They plan to detonate them in major Asian cities and say your Syndicate bosses paid me for this. We will be hunted together as terrorists, and the Syndicate will lose Zandia.

Many of my comrades at Ares have died, my business in Zandia is ruined – everyone responsible will pay... but ZHG first. We must recover that Uranium and stop this together, or millions will die, and we all lose.

Mission Objectives

  1. Attack or Defend ZHG Locations to collect as much Uranium as possible.
  2. Recover enough Uranium by the end of the Contract to earn a reward.

Standard Zheng Shi conquest through Search & Destroy Missions will retrieve a scalable amount of Global Contract items.

Global Contract Items




Dirty War Contract Rewards
Reward Type Reward Name Maximum Quantity
Global Diamonds 400
Global Drill Instructors 5
Global Influence Points 300
Offensive Syndicate Za'am Mk VI 250
Offensive v195 "Samson" MBT 12
Defensive Syndicate M22043 Creighton 500
Defensive TASV "Typhoon" 25

Completion Text

You have done it! We recovered the Uranium before final assembly - now, tell your bosses to call off their dogs. I think they know who the real enemy is. Zheng Shi were ready to kill their own people for money, and I'm sure the ones holding your leashes at the Syndicate would do the same - but at least you, my friends, are heroes. I know you will have consequences - I hope this gift will make it hurt less. I am finished with this business, but I may call upon you for one more favor.