Operation Defensive Assets:SI

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Defensive Assets


Defensive Assets

Date of Contract

September 12, 2014

Point of Contact

Yve Desjardins

Mission Information

Defensive Assets Contract

Mission Text

Commander, are you there? I have another mission for you. As if being sent to this godforsaken backwater weren’t bad enough, almost every day ZHG interferes with my operations… and guess who’s left to clean up the mess? Usually, it’s just an inconvenience - but this time it’s different. They’ve stolen the first shipment of our newest personal armor technology - FormaTech. Millions of dollars and two years of development! Now it’s being distributed to ZHG positions all across Zandia. You must recover these prototypes before ZHG learns what it is they have!

Mission Objectives

  1. Attack or Defend ZHG Locations to collect as many Prototypes as possible.
  2. Recover enough Prototypes by the end of the Contract to earn a reward.

Standard Zheng Shi conquest through Search & Destroy Missions will retrieve a scalable amount of Global Contract items.

Global Contract Items




Severance Package Contract Rewards
Reward Type Reward Name Maximum Quantity
Global Diamonds 400
Global Drill Instructors 5
Global Stimulant Box 4
Global Influence Points 300
Offensive Syndicate Za'am Mk VI 250
Offensive v195 "Samson" MBT 12
Defensive Syndicate M22043 Creighton 500
Defensive TASV "Typhoon" 25

Completion Text