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Date: Jul/24/2014

All Commands,

This is Col. Sk-… Lieutenant! Get this fracking helmet fixed! This is Col. Skye. STRATCOM analysts have confirmed initial reports - Morgana managed to transmit her core subroutines out to a backup facility. It’s only a matter of time before she regains full control of the Mutants. After our last attack, she’ll be expecting another frontal assault… this time we need specialists.

Before the war, there was a unit known as the DarkMind Division - an elite team of soldiers handpicked by the Emperor to conduct his most sensitive operations. The survivors went into hiding years ago, but intel believes we can use their biometric records to get a lock on their signatures. We’ve narrowed down their approximate locations, but the interference from the mutant population is preventing us from getting a lock. We need your help. Collect mutant plasma so our technicians can recalibrate our sensors to cancel out the interference. We need these men, Commanders.

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