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Date: May/29/2014

"Colonel Skye, assuming command. Gen. Winters has intel that Morgana is planning to use the Imperial tunnel system you mapped earlier to bore into the geothermal systems beneath the Emitters, flooding the entire Wasteland with magma. She’s preparing to deploy her forces now - we've got to hit them before they get the chance. Your orders are simple: attack the mutant infestations and inflict as many casualties as possible.

Oh, and let’s make this interesting. Winters says you regular forces pukes can hold your own - so prove it. Collect more mutant Tentacles than my Valkyries during the offensive, and I’ll pay out your combat bonuses myself.

And now the Special Bonus! Your Bonus Reward for this Global Mission!

Some troops killed in this massive battle will be sent to the Infirmary at the Black Market. However, this time you will have 14 days to restore your Army for Crystals!

Use the time wisely in order to return all of your Troops to duty!

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