Offensive Tactics

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Offensive Tactics

Like Defense, there as many Offensive tactics used by commanders as there are commanders. And, again, these tactics can be catagorized in how they are similarly used.

  • The Inexperienced Commander

Young commanders tend to pick their targets on what they know....which is very little. Often enough, inexperienced commanders bite off a little more than they can chew. It has become common place for veteran commanders to see a raid or invasion coming from thousands of kilimeters away by new commanders and end up seeing nothing but a scrap of blood for the paultry attack sent their way.

The best advice new commanders can get is to stick with advancing in the technologies that will be needed for better troops and keep building up to the point when those better troops are available.

  • The Crazy

There are some commanders that are just stir crazy and want action no matter the cost. It doens't matter if they win or lose. They just want action and lots of it. Screw developing technologies. More troops. More action. Kill, kill, kill!

Although there is a certain level of admiration for that fervor, veteran commanders all understand that this type of behavior begets doom. It may not bite that commander immediately. But, when it does, it will be very, very painful.

The best advice is to get it out of your system and know that when you get bitten, learn from it. Then you can settle down into a nice steady and smart killing machine. It's like a tank that runs on deisel. Once it gets warmed up, it just keeps on going and going.

  • The Paranoid

There are some commanders out there that have potential that they will never realize. These commanders are ultimately doomed to become farms at some point. Why? Well, these are the commanders who spend massive amounts of resources building up technologies and huge armies over time.....and do little to nothing with them. Sure, they might send out raiding parties to farms that they know have no defense. They might even reinforce a deposit or Emitter Array....IF....there are several others doing so.

The point is, these are the commanders who have never developed a back bone or dropped their...uh....bearings..container...*clears throat* Yep. These are weazels. Cowards. They aren't fit to command! Feel free to wipe one out for me!

Troops are meant to be used. Hiding them away and never using them just goes against everything any decent commander should believe in! Yes. Some or maybe all of your troops could be killed. So? Train more! This is war!

  • The Back Stabber or Spy

There are some commanders out there that hold no honor in being a faithful friend or ally. These commanders have learned the art of deception so well that they can often get themselves included into a clan or ally that gives this commander intelligence into operations. These commanders make excellent spies. But, only the truly skilled in this tactic can do so without other commanders realizing just what he is.

The successful spy will often include himself in the victim circle with those others he has betrayed. It can be very difficult to drown out this mole. Spies are typically compansated for their losses. But the wise spy will not build up his replacement forces too quickly. Others could notice how this clan member or ally always seems to have so many resources, but not raid for that much.

  • The Marching Machine

There are some commmanders who are all about strength and total attack power. Damn everything else. These commanders will use the slower and powerful units. Sure a Seige Tank only moves 60kmph, but pack quite the wallop! There are atvantages to only using the most powerful attack units. That is certain. But the cost in speed is what keeps most commanders from using them.

  • The Hot Rod

These commanders value speed above all things. Strength can still be attained with just training and building more troops. For commanders who love speed, resources are never kept for long. These commanders have much in common with other types of commanders listed here. They've found a good marriage of crazy, back-stabbing, power machines in their armies and know how to use them.

These commanders often use crystals to expedite building and traveling when possible. For them, damn the cost. There is blood to be had. The downside to this tactic is pretty obvious. It is very costly.