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To Occupy the enemy is to forcibly place troops on the enemies base. This has three primary effects in the game. First it changes the graphic of the base to indicate it has been claimed by you. Some individuals want nothing but to plaster their name over the entire map. Doing so will net you points toward the second reason for occupying bases and that is points towards the occupation rankings and a chance to win diamonds each week. Finally you may annex up to three occupied bases to reduce their production of Fuel or Munitions by 25% and allow you to siphon some of those resources of for your own personal use. Note however that occupying an enemy base has no other affect. In other words you will not be preventing them from raiding, collecting resources, or performing upgrades. In some cases your would be victim may actually prefer your occupation as a makeshift means of protection from other enemies.


If your base has been occupied you may choose to liberate it yourself instantly (assuming you have the strength to do so or you many have a friend do it for you. Liberating bases is an achievement so you may indeed have a total stranger liberate you just for the credit of doing so. In any case if you are liberating someone make sure you do so with offensive units as you will be the attacker and the occupier will be the defender.

How To Occupy

Occupation can be performed in three (3) ways:

From the Map

Occupation From Map
  1. Click «Map» in your Base.
  2. Place the mouse cursor over the Base you want to occupy.
  3. Choose «Occupy» on the Base menu.

From Inside the Enemy's Base

Occupation From Within Enemy Base
  1. Visit the Base of the player you want to occupy.
  2. Click on the action menu on the right side of your screen
  3. Click «Occupy».

From your Command HQ's Contacts Tab

Occupation From Command HQ Contacts
  1. Go to the Command HQ.
  2. Open the «Contact» tab.
  3. Chose bookmark or enemies
  4. Choose «Occupy» from the action list.
  5. Click «Occupy».

Why Should You Occupy Enemy Bases?

Occupying other Bases allows you to prove your dominance over your rivals, place in the Occupation and Tribute rankings, and annex a percentage of your enemy's resources production. The Top 10 players in the weekly Occupations and tribute ranking may also earn Diamonds for holding their rank. Occupying an opponent won't automatically annex their base. Once annexed, these bases will offer you a percentage of either Fuel or Munitions

Annexing Your Target

With a recent update to the game, your first 3 occupations will automatically allow for annexing. By default, fuel is the chosen resource.

From your Positions Tab

Annexed Bases from Positions Tab
  1. Go to the command center
  2. Open the Positions tab
  3. Change the resource type you want to collect by clicking on its icon

You can also obtain the following information as well:

  1. The amount of Resources currently ready for collection
  2. Time remaining until next collection
  3. Time remaining until the Deposit or Base's storage is full

To Collect annexed resources, click the Collect button when it becomes active

More Info from the Positions Tab

The Positions tab display the following informations on :

  1. All current occupied Deposits and Annexed Bases
  2. Number and type of Troops at each Depot.

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