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All you need to know regarding Capturing Mining Complexes!

Firstly, Mining Complexes are large operations and should only be attempted by Combines. All of the information you need is contained within your Joint Ops Center also.

First Step: Go to the Global Map, then click on the Magnifying Glass Icon over the World Map image in the centre of the right hand side of the page.

You will now have a large scale military map that shows you sectors.

As you identify a badge stuck within a Sector you can move your Mouse Cursor over the identifying badge. This will provide you with options such as Recon, Occupy, Send troops, magnify etc.

Also on the Map you can Filter your information between Mining Complexes and Combine members. This Filter is also on the right hand side of your screen with green lights as indicators of your choices.

Join a Combine and go get a Mining Complex!