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Soldiers Inc provides a basic form of communications for the officers and members to communicate to one and other. The Command Ranks can send combine-wide communications that all selected members can read in a memo. Communications is one of the critical aspects of any military or business, without it, all the members cannot be aware of events and the needs of command.

Sending a Combine Memo

To send a combine-wide memo, visit your Joint Ops Center, click on the ‘My Combine’ Tab and then choose ‘Send All’ on the right hand side of the associates list. All memos will automatically go to the CEO and Executive Officers. Other ranks can be selected or deselected by clicking on the rank icon. Each message is limited to 600 characters, and there is a tentative limit of 5 memos per day. Memos will appear to each member with a large combine icon as the sender, rather than the member who sent it.

Remember: Combine memos do not reveal who wrote the message, as a memo is more of a formal message without personalization.

Individual members can be messaged through the normal messaging channel, or by searching the associate list on the My Combine page of the Joint Ops Center. To the right of each member in the associates list, is a mail icon that can be used to directly message the member.

A good suggestion for writing multiple messages and combine memos is to use a text editor such as Windows ‘Notepad’ or Mac’s ‘Notes’ to compose the message prior to sending it. This gives you a chance to format the message, gage the length (max of 600 characters) and a chance to redact (or edit) critical information. Copy and paste the message into the Soldiers Inc message interface and click send. There is a chance that spending too much time reading your message before sending it triggers the inactivity window to pop up and could erase the text of the message.

Tip: By composing your memos externally, you can then save a copy of the message for future reference. A suggestion is to save the memo by date and subject: (12-1-13-Memo about mining complex.txt).

My Combine Quick Message

There is a 5 line maximum message field for a brief message on the My Combine tab of the Joint Ops Center that lets the CEO, XO or General communicate with the group. This feature is largely outclassed by the messaging and combine’s memo feature, but still remains in the game. This is handy for leaving instructions and a URL for an external combine page, voice communication software and credentials or other upcoming events.

Using Facebook as an external lobby for members to communicate

Soldiers Inc is a game designed around social interaction. One of the biggest benefits of running a combine is to make friends in and out of the game with people all around the world. Sending friend requests and staying in touch is a big part of the game. Using a Facebook group page for combine members to interact is logical.

There are many resources on how to create a Facebook page for your combine. The Facebook page admin staff should have the CEO, Executive Officers as administrators at minimum. As indicated in the XO responsibilities, a 4th XO can be appointed to run the off-game and 3rd party pages and lobbies for the combine. Take care when removing members from the combine; they should also be removed from the combine group page in Facebook as well.

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