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One of the most important aspects of any organization is the ability for leaders to communicate with each other and with their subordinates. An army without a leader will not last long, and that leader is only a leader if they can direct their group. That requires communication. In short, the ability to communicate is critical and failing to use that ability properly will hinder the group’s ability to fight effectively.

Basic Communication

Sparta uses an asynchronous messaging system very much like email or instant messenger. The basic steps involve locating the individual you wish to contact via their base, your coalition's roster, or your friends list. You then select "send message" and begin your conversation. Once you have an open line of communication with an individual, you can generally refer to your inbox to continue the conversation. However be advised that they system will only retain so many open lines of communications and will only maintain a limited number of actual messages. Exceeding the number of open lines will cause the oldest lines to fall out. This is generally not an issue because the limit is quite generous. However, the limit on actual messages is more troublesome as it is hard to know when you've reached the limit and when messages will start disappearing. Again it is the oldest messages that are removed but an active archon will easily reach the limit and must thus have a care that no important information is lost.

Coalition Wide Communication

Rank Selection

Message All

Sometimes it is not efficient to communicate a message to each member individually. Sparta provides leadership with the ability to send a limited number of group messages. These messages can be sent to selected ranks, even to the whole coalition if desired. The message will appear as if it is a personal message from the person who sent it, but the message will bear the Coalition's symbol to show that it was sent to a group. Understand that no other indication sets off these messages. Coalition wide messages can be sent through the Embassy via the My Coalition Tab using the Write to All button. Hegemons and Polemarch's will always receive the message. The limit on group messages is 5 per day.

In Game Chat

The game provides the ability to host chat in game. To access this feature there is a toggle button over your friends bar. Click that and the friends bar will be replaced with a chat bar that has a global and a combine channel.

In game Chat

Persisting and Editing

The in game messaging does not have spell check and does not have a permanent save feature. You can however create your message via a text-editing program, save the message to disk for later reference and then copy/paste the message into the game's messaging system to send it.

Social Media as an alternative

While the in game messaging works well for quick messages and basic communication, it cannot replace a fully organized group page on Facebook or a similar forum (should you not be playing through Facebook). Registering a group page is quick and free. It will however require that all members friend you so you can add them to the page. You can store files for important documents like Rules documents and Hints/Tips. Some Coalitions even organize multiple pages for multiple purposes like trading, command discussion, battle operations, etc. Facebook also allows for group messaging, though it has put some limits on those types of messages, which require more effort to maintain. Overall, though this is a cheap and efficient means of maintaining strong communications within your group.

Voice Chat

This option is not for everyone, but the Massive Multiplayer Online community has given rise to a number of voice chat programs. Generally, these cost for hosting, but it is hard to match the real time communications that voice chat provides for intense Pantheon battles and similar operations. We'll call this the deluxe option for communications.

The Last Word

Communication is essential. How you accomplish this task is up to you. However, the archons that provide the strongest communication systems tend to be some of the most successful.

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